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Behind The Scenes At PRI: Catching Up With Adrian Newey
By John Kilroy on August 2, 2011

Wherever Adrian Newey goes in Formula One, the cars get faster, the teams climb up the standings and championships happen. If there is one person at the top of the pyramid when it comes to the aerodynamics of a race car, a lot of people see Adrian Newey standing there.

As technical director of Red Bull Racing, he designed their 2010 championship-winning car, the RB6, and is enjoying his 2011 RB7 design dominating the field once again.

We mention Mr. Newey as a way to describe the multi-pronged efforts PRI makes to develop the PRI Trade Show as a truly international event. In the photo below, you can see PRI’s Arianna Maugeri standing with Adrian Newey (right) and Chris Aylett, CEO of the British racing trade group, the Motorsport Industry Association.
MIA Adrian Newey Award
Arianna is based in Switzerland and is PRI’s manager of European and Middle Eastern business development. She’s a hard worker, smart, articulate, dedicated and very knowledgeable about the international racing scene.

She works to inform European companies of the value of bringing their technology to the PRI Trade Show in the form of exhibits. And she also develops attendance from her sector of the world so US companies can more easily conduct business internationally through the platform of the PRI Trade Show.

In the photo, Arianna is attending an MIA gathering at the House of Lords, where Newey was recognized with the MIA Motorsport Achievement Award for his outstanding personal contribution to the industry.

Arianna took advantage of the opportunity to meet Adrian Newey by suggesting that she interview him at some future date for an article to be published in PRI magazine. He agreed. The interview has not been completed yet, but we’re working on it.

When you come to the PRI Trade Show, and find yourself browsing technology that can be found in an F1 car, developed by a UK company, it’s at least partially because of the work of Arianna, and other members of Francisque Savinien’s international team here at PRI (the drawing power of the tens of thousands of racing business people in the exhibit aisles is still the primary magnet). And it’s a big reason why exhibitors find so many visitors from outside the US in their booths (the display of the latest racing components by 1100 companies is a pretty powerful magnet, too).

And, hopefully, you’ll find yourself in the future reading an interview in PRI magazine with Adrian Newey, and you’ll remember Arianna’s efforts to develop this opportunity for us. She does a great job for us….all of us in this amazing, worldwide industry.

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