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Best Practice For A First Time Customer
By John Kilroy on June 16, 2011

Just wanted to share with everybody a shopping experience that provided a quick, classic example of what to do with a first-time customer.

I was walking through the little shopping district of my hometown when a vintage midget appeared in a store window. That got my attention. I was stopped dead in my tracks. And when my eyes moved past the classic race car, I found I was looking into a display window for a new men's clothing store.

Furthermore, there was a mannequin wearing a cool, long-sleeved T-shirt with a poster for an old Ascot midget race printed on it. OK, I'm a first-time buyer in this new store. Here are the three questions the owner asked that I wanted to pass on here:

"Is this your first time here?" He knows the importance of expanding his customer base one by one, and he has plans for me.

"How did you hear of us?" He's verifying his marketing efforts. I told him the attention-getting power of the midget in the window.

Then, before ringing up my purchase, he asked, "Could I get your name and email address?"

It was quick, smooth, non-intrusive, and he learned more about his merchandising efforts plus put me into his data banks for future communications. I thought he did an excellent job handling this first-time customer.

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