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The Daily News Tells Us Racing Adapts Fast To A Changing World
By John Kilroy on June 22, 2011

When the economy stalled out and took a dive in 2008, our first thought was that we’d rather be in this mess with racers, because racers are built for challenges. Resourcefulness is one of the things racers love about this sport. Impossible doesn’t really exist. Forget whining altogether.

In putting together the daily news for the new ‘front page’ of the PRI website, we’ve gotten in tune with the racing industry in a hyper sort of way. We’re publishing a number of news items every day, but we’re also reading through tons of news released about racing on a daily basis.

The impression we got immediately upon switching to this new gear of daily news is that racing is indeed evolving quickly. It always has, and it always will. And it’s this fast pace of responding to a changing world that will keep racing vital, and keep the industry side of the sport strong.

The downturn in the economy, and its effect on racing, knocked the confidence out of a lot of racing business people, many of whom enjoyed a couple decades of growth, little by little, year by year. We’d like to say that the daily news coming out of racing tells us that it’s changing fast—reacting and responding quick as our best drivers in a crowded chicane—to build the future.

In our development site while we beta tested or in our ‘live’ front page, we’ve put up headlines such as:

Must See Racing posts $10,000 to win for Bristol. This is a series that didn’t exist in 2007, and its races will be available on television this year to over 100 million homes.

Empire Super Sprints on web TV. They’re putting together up to 10 40-minute shows this year. The Internet is offering new opportunities to televise racing, and racing organizations are getting on it.

NASCAR creates online game for Facebook. The most powerful sanctioning body in racing is going after the next generation of race fans where they live.

POWRi to pay $10,000 to win for Micro Sprint race. They’ll likely get over 100 entries. The racing industry constantly invents new and affordable ways to compete. Micro Sprints are just one place a working man can enter the sport.

IHRA creates sportsman website. The pros get the attention and TV, but it’s the sportsman drag racers who buy a ton of parts each week. And the IHRA rightly salutes their importance with a website dedicated to sportsman racers.

Nine Racing forms alliance with Venturini Motorsports. There’s no shortage of opinions about arrive-and-drive programs in oval track racing, but all sorts of race teams across the country are strengthening car counts by providing easy access to the sport for families with the budget but a lack of skills to go racing.

Deltawing car to run at Le Mans. It looks like a rocket, and we can’t imagine how it’s going to turn, but count us in as part of the TV audience when they cut this thing loose on this legendary track.

These are news items within the last couple of weeks. They tell us that racing is working creatively and aggressively to strengthen the fan base, strengthen the car counts and strengthen our future.

And come back to the PRI ‘front page’ with your morning cup of coffee tomorrow for the latest news.

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