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Don’t Get Bit

Remember the last time you had one of those days at the race track where, if it could go wrong, it did?

The day starts out great. The car is ready and looking good. You’ve spent the last three weeks tweaking and adjusting, and, man, she is right.

You’re loaded up and headed to the track when it begins. The AC in the truck cab quits. Then, from the back seat comes, “Hey what’s that smell?” and everyone is suddenly on the edge of their seat. Then shotgun says, “Oh crap! What was that noise?” Next thing you know you’re on the side of the road with a broken belt, and the practice clock is ticking.

You make it to the track, but then, three laps into the race your car is on pit road. You’ve got a flat. You grab the impact gun. Bubba hits the jack and you’re on those lugs. One, two, three—and the gun quits. So you take off into the hauler, grab the spare battery from the charger and…it’s dead. That loose connector on the charger you meant to fix just got you. 

Total chaos ensues.

Now you’re four laps down, your driver is livid, and you’re a total wreck and aggravated the rest of the night.

You just got “bit,” and for no good reason.

Well, we all know the real reason: You spent the offseason focused on getting the car ready and nothing else.

Don’t make this mistake!

Take advantage of the time you have left before the season starts and focus on repair, replace, and reorganize. When the car is on the jack stands and the shop is quiet, take a slow walk through the shop with a notepad and a pencil and start writing. Look at everything but the car—and overlook nothing.

The list is going to be long, especially if this is your first time, so don’t be alarmed. Write down everything that needs to be looked at as you see it. And don’t forget the stuff you can’t see that needs to be inspected. Then, go back and arrange the items into categories like race shop, grounds, truck, hauler, and RV.

Next, break down the categories into components like tools, lift equipment, parts inventory, electronics, and HVAC system.

From there, break your list down further into individual tasks such as “change generator oil,” “check hauler brake pads,” “replace HVAC filters” and “replace old radio batteries.”

Once the list is complete, you can delegate each task to people you trust to do the job right. Then, you can check tasks off the list as they are completed.

We all know racing on a good day is hard enough without having to stop and devote time, money, and resources to untimely repairs and hardware failures. Take the time to repair, replace, and reorganize, and watch your race team and hardware rise to a whole new level of reliability and performance.
Hammer Time Racing, LLC is a father and son race team with 10 years of experience building and racing dirt and asphalt cars in upstate South Carolina. Bryan and Daniel Alvarez are presently competing in the NASCAR Whelen All-American Racing Series LMS Division. Driver Daniel Alvarez also is founder of The Hammer Motorsports Foundation, a non-profit that helps other charities raise funds and promote their causes through motorsports.

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Hammer Time Racing, LLC is a father and son race team with 10 years of experience building and racing dirt and asphalt cars in upstate South Carolina.
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