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Happy To Be Back Promoting A Race
By John Kilroy on June 30, 2011

With news all over the website now about the Red Bull Kart Fight at PRI, Sponsored by Rotax event coming to this year’s PRI Trade Show, I’m happy to report that PRI is back in the business of promoting a race. And that’s triggered a couple thoughts about promoting races.

First, no one knows what it’s like to be a promoter until you’ve done it. We learned that with our Twin 25 USAC midget races that we promoted. We think it’s great fun to promote a race, but we’ve only done, at most, three races in a year. It’s a tricky business as you work your way through the challenges of getting enough people in the grandstands, enough cars on the track and enough revenue in to have the whole venture make sense from a business standpoint.

Having described the challenge, I must also report that it’s an incredible feeling to leave a race track bone tired but thrilled to have provided thousands of people in the grandstands with a great night of racing. We have had the luxury of promoting a single race for months, and no matter the amount of effort and time required, it was always worth it on a personal level.

Promoting races requires skills and strategies we didn’t have when we started. There are some things you can only learn the hard way. But it was a magical moment when we knew we had created a night where racers and fans experienced a truly memorable event. That was a big, big deal to all of us here at PRI.

I should also mention that we organized a Twin 25 race in Indianapolis where the morning started off with rain. The storm moved this way and that, then finally, at about 2 p.m.--to give as many people as possible enough notice--we cancelled the race for the night. You feel that moment deep in the pit of your stomach. And it’s only then that you truly understand the full scope of what race promoters experience. It’s a damn tough job.

So, thank you race promoters for all you do to provide a place for racers to go racing.

The Red Bull Kart Fight at PRI, Sponsored by Rotax is going to be a blast to promote. We have a good track record in promoting a kart race at the PRI Trade Show, and have had extraordinary participants, including winners of the Indy 500 and Daytona 500. I remember being fairly mesmerized watching Jamie McMurray rip it up on the track wheel to wheel with the IndyCar drivers. Amazing. And there were plenty of moments like that.

This is going to be fun!

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