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PRI Trade Show Offers Pro Race Teams Innovations & Savings
By John Kilroy on July 29, 2011

Each year in promoting the PRI Trade Show, we use several avenues to put a special invitation out there to professional race teams to attend the Show. In these times when everyone's budget is being stretched as far as possible, the racing aftermarket offers a terrific answer in the search by professional race teams for both innovations and savings.

An annual visit to the PRI Trade Show is especially valuable to professional race teams that do not necessarily have the biggest budget in the series.

We say, come to the PRI Trade Show and....

Explore 700,000 square feet of competitive advantages.

Discover advanced engineering from the racing aftermarket.

Get the best advice to eliminate DNFs.

Find the best parts to stretch your budget and win.

Strategize with other racing professionals.

Seize this vital opportunity for smaller teams.

Go to the front of the pack in 2012!

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