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Promoter's Perspective: Darin Short
By Darin Short on January 16, 2015

Exerpt from Promoter's Perspective: Darin Short

The first step in drawing in drivers is symmetry between the rules that attract all of the drivers at all of the area tracks running the same basic rules, so they don’t have to change tires, buy a different muffler, etc. The basic package of their car they can take from track to track, night to night, without having to swap out a whole bunch of components. And then offering a solid competitor purse and year-end awards are great things to shoot for….

Another thing is—and this may sound a little bit crazy—we have a starting procedure that when the cars go down the back straightaway, they must remain side by side, nose to tail, no fanning out, and the leaders are to race at the white chalk line. This eliminates all of the door banging, crashes, unfair starts, and what I call race rage. By eliminating all of that coming down from the start, our car count has retained itself more because we have 50 percent fewer crashes.

I started this four years ago at LoneStar Speedway, and since we’ve implemented that now at Red River as well, it’s just been working phenomenally. It keeps drivers from cheating on the start; keeps them from wrecking people for no reason. And we just have a generally happier group of racers. And you don’t ever hear the fans complaining how ragged the starts are. This is new and different.
Hailing from Northwest Iowa, Darin Short is no stranger to motorsports. At 15, he promoted his first sprint car race on his own accord. Today, Short operates his Texas-based business, Darin Short Sports Marketing, and manages promotional duties for several race tracks, including LoneStar Speedway in Kilgore, Texas, and Red River Speedway in Wichita Falls, Texas, as well as special events at Texas Motor Speedway's dirt track in Fort Worth. For the complete Promoter’s Perspective, visit Performance Racing Industry magazine’s January 2015 issue online.

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Darin Short has worked as General Manager of three different chassis manufacturers in the dirt modified, dirt late model, and sprint car racing segments. Today he operates a successful Texas-based business, Darin Short Sports Marketing.
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