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Value of Bricks & Mortar Remains Strong
By John Kilroy on July 27, 2011

Just wanted to share an interesting comment from Scott Baker, of Baker Performance Parts, in Stow, Ohio. We’re doing a profile on Scott’s racing business in a future issue of PRI, and Scott told us of his experience selling racing components on eBay.

Scott said he did very well on eBay for three years, but increases in fees eventually made it hard to cut a decent profit.

And the value of a bricks-and-mortar local racing store remains as valuable as ever to the end-users. “People still want to come in and handle a part before they buy it or can come back and return it if it’s not what they wanted,” said Scott.

Immediate availability of inventory, however, still remains important in retailing racing products. “A lot of people also don’t want to wait for parts. In this type of racing, they want to work on a car tonight and race tomorrow,” he said.

Baker Performance Parts is a great story. Keep an eye out for the article in a future issue of PRI magazine. Right now, it’s scheduled for September.

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