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We Have Our National Speedway Directory, Do You?
By John Kilroy on August 3, 2011

We received a very nice note from Tim Frost, publisher of the National Speedway Directory, a valuable resource around the PRI editorial offices, about our new ‘front page’ of the PRI website. Tim was at the same MIA House of Lords reception attended by PRI’s Arianna Maugeri in the UK, as you can see in the photo below. Tim and Margo Frost visit with Arianna (center).

The Frosts with Arianna

The Speedway Directory is a paperback book of nearly 600 pages that describes all the race tracks in the US and Canada, with full contact information and directions on how to reach the race tracks. Information is also available online, and there are apps for mobile devices.

Check it out at http://speedwaysonline.com .

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