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By John Kilroy on June 4, 2012

We had a lot of fun catching up with everybody at the reception at Red Rocks Cafe, in Huntersville, North Carolina last month. We got some great photos of the event from Sam Sharpe, and thought we'd put a gallery here for you to see.

By John Kilroy on June 8, 2011

Imagine one of us, someone in the racing business, putting on a car show so big it required a big blinking electric sign on the highway warning everyone about “Car Show Traffic.”

Now, that’s an event!

And that’s Motor State Distributing.

Motor State is the worldwide warehouse distributor of high performance automotive components for racing, street, and off-road use in Watervliet, Michigan. It was founded by George Lane in 1964, with the opening of parent company Lane Automotive. George and his wife Janet still maintain an interest in the company, but sons, Doug and Dave, have assumed the primary executive roles in the family-owned business. Doug Lane oversees the company’s sales,...

By John Kilroy on June 2, 2011

No one thinks about it much any more, but it’s worthwhile to mention it every once in a while, we believe, as a way to show how times can change for the better….race tracks were at one time an environmental disaster. At many tracks on a race weekend, it was common to find a single place in the pits where teams would dump their oil and allow it to mysteriously disappear into the ground long after they departed. Today, we imagine all that oil heading straight for our drinking water.

Today, at major races, PRI always enjoys a trip to the Safety-Kleen trailer just to say hello to the ever friendly, ever ebullient Safety-Kleen team. The company exhibits in the PRI Trade Show...

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By John Kilroy on June 1, 2011

For over two decades, PRI has felt that we were somewhat of an expert in advertising, since that’s a lot of what we do every day here in working with our customers to drive new business to their doors.

In the Internet world, however, PRI is learning digital advertising in many ways just the same as you are. We’re getting schooled. And we wanted to share this point of view about two goals in internet advertising, which we also do to promote attendance at the PRI Trade Show.

It seems there are two types of advertisements. One is more institutional. It’s to remind people where they live in the worldwide web that we’re part of their world. It’s to maintain a presence in the mental landscape...

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