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Digital Ad Specs
Download PRI 2017 Digital File Specifications.


Get Acrobat ReaderNote: You might need the Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in to view this file. To get the Acrobat Reader plug-in, click on the Acrobat Reader icon.


2-Color Process: Separations must incorporate Black and any one the following nine basic process colors, to be considered a single “2nd color”:

PRI Approved Single Color Chart
Use of any additional screens or process colors other than those listed above constitutes a three- or four-color ad.

Printing Specifications

Printing: Web Offset; 4-color process (CMYK).

Line Screen: 175-line.

Trim size: 8.375" wide x 10.875" high. Keep all live matter .375" from outside trim and gutter.

Bleed: Only permitted on full page, spread, and tab pages. Must extend .125" beyond trim size on all sides and include printer's trim marks.

Spreads: Account for gutter (inside margin) when running type and art across left- and right-hand pages.

Attention!Note: Advertiser assumes all responsibility for files that do not output correctly due to errors or omissions during construction. Design assistance is subject to hourly charge.


PERFORMANCE RACING INDUSTRY requires that all ad files be submitted as single page, high-resolution PDF, or PDFx1a files. For multiple ads, send each ad in a separate PDF file.

Document Set Up: Do not build ad on default paper size of 8.5 X 11. Set the document page size to match PRI's ad trim size exactly.

Exported PDF: Use PDFx1a settings when exporting from page layout program.

Distilled PDF: Create postscript file from a page layout program. Use PRI's ad trim size for document paper size, then distill through ADOBE ACROBAT DISTILLER using PDFx1a settings (or you may download PRI's Distiller Job-options at

PDF Production Requirements

Color: Must be sent in CMYK format. No RGB files accepted. Color accuracy is the responsibility of the advertiser and will be held to SWOP standards.

B&W art must be sent in Grayscale or Bitmap format.

Do not use ICC or color profiles.

Images: Minimum resolution of 300 dpi (color or grayscale files) and 1200 dpi (bitmap or line art files). Images and logos from websites are not usable for print, as they are low resolution (72 dpi). Never resample up images, rather scan at high resolution to start. Files must be uncompressed.

Fonts: Embed all fonts in PDF file.

Proofs: Because color views differently from one computer monitor to another, it is highly recommended that a CMYK/SWOP certified color proof accompany the ad file. PRI will assume supplied materials are in compliance with current SWOP specifications.

PRI does not accept responsibility for reproduction or color matching without a SWOP certified color proof. Printer will match color on press as closely to provided proof as Web Offset printing allows.

Ad Submission

Upload ads directly from your web browser!

Go to the PRI Ad Upload Center .

Once your ad has been successfully uploaded, you will be sent an email confirming delivery.

For your protection, we will preflight your ad in preparation for printing. If there are any errors, you will be sent an email and given the opportunity to correct them.

Your PRI ad files will be stored for two years at no charge. Two years from the date of your original ad submission your ad file will be removed from our archives. If you require other storage arrangements please contact the production manager .




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