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Editorial Calendar


January: Drag Racing Market

Closing Date

Ad Space Closes:
November 19

Artwork Due

Artwork Due:
November 25

  • Interactive IssueChanging Channels: Advances In Data Acquisition & Video Logging
  • Race Market Preview: Tracking Sales Trends For The 2015 Season
  • Profiling The Newest Camshafts For Racing
  • Blueprint For Winning Engines: Fresh Options In Cylinder Head Prep Equipment
  • Innovative Drag Race Cylinder Head Designs For Quicker ETs
  • Traveling Right: Hit The Road With A New Race Trailer, Plus: Freshly Wrapped—Upgrade Your Team Image With An Inspired Graphics Treatment
  • Store Trek 2015—27th Annual PRI Racing Retailer Survey Results

February: Stock Car Market

Closing Date

Ad Space Closes:
December 23

Artwork Due

Artwork Due:
January 5

  • Indy In-Depth: PRI Trade Show Wrap-Up
  • Power Up Sales Of Batteries, Alternators & Starters
  • Tuning For Top Performance Scales, Shock Dynos, Gauges & Other Chassis Setup Equipment
  • Race-Grade Fasteners: Attach These Products To Every Sale
  • Connecting Rods Profitable New Power-Pumpers
  • Key Strategies For Ignition System Sales
  • Rinse & Repeat—The Shop Owner’s Guide To State-Of-The Art Parts Cleaning Equipment

March: Road Racing Market

Closing Date

Ad Space Closes:
January 22

Artwork Due

Artwork Due:
January 28

  • Open-Ended Opportunities In Valves, Valve Seats & Guides
  • Power Shift—Developments In Drag Racing Clutches & Torque Converters
  • Peak Profit Potential In Turbochargers, Turbo Kits & Intercoolers
  • Inside The Cell: The Evolution Of Engine & Chassis Dynos
  • Future Shop: Move Your R&D Forward With High-Performance Computing, Wind Tunnels & Other High-Tech Testing Technologies, Plus: Better By Design—Assessing The Latest CAD/CAM Systems, and 3D Printing: Add A New Dimension To Product Development
  • Metals & Alloys From Sourcing To Recycling

April: Street/Strip Market

Closing Date

Ad Space Closes:
February 20

Artwork Due

Artwork Due:
February 26

  • Hooked On The Classics: Catering To The Well-Heeled Drivers Of Vintage Race Cars
  • Port Authority—New Oval Track Cylinder Heads Designed To Dominate
  • Smart Balance: Meet The Growing Demand For Rotating Assemblies
  • Ring Up Sales Of Drag Racing Transmissions & Bellhousings
  • Plumbers’ Helpers: Profit Potential In Precision, Race-Grade Hoses & Fittings
  • In The Driver’s Seat: How To Sell Racers On Life-Saving Vehicle And Driver Safety Equipment, Plus: Spreading The Word—The Industry’s Efforts On Safety Education
  • Oil Pump Update—Providing Peak Performance For Higher Horsepower Engine

May: Sprint Car & Midget Market

Closing Date

Ad Space Closes:
March 20

Artwork Due

Artwork Due:
March 26

  • Interactive IssueEmbracing EFI: The Evolving Market For Engine Management Systems, Hardware & Tuning Chips
  • Racing Meets Metrology: Producing Precision Parts Through High-Tech Measuring Technology
  • Increase Your Sales Of Valve Springs & Rocker Arms
  • The Rise Of Arrive & Drive—Tap Into The Growing Market For Race Car Prep & Track Support
  • Round-And-Round Report: Innovations In Oval Track Rearends, Gears & Driveshafts
  • Pit Pass: Your Ticket To Improved Sales Of Jacks, Fuel Jugs, Tool Carts, In-Car Communication And Other Pit Equipment
  • Race Shop Accessories & Consumables Wipes, Cleaners, Gloves & Other Products For A Safe & Sanitary Machine Shop

June: Land Speed Racing Market

Closing Date

Ad Space Closes:
April 21

Artwork Due

Artwork Due:
April 27

  • Tarmac Attack: Developments In Road Racing Driveline Components
  • Life Insurance For Precision Parts—Advanced Coatings Have It Covered, Plus: Cryogenics, Superfinishing And Other Metal Treatments For Bulletproof Parts
  • New Intake Manifolds Matched To Today’s Higher Performance Engine Components
  • Packed With Power: The New Breed Of Pistons, Rings & Wrist Pins
  • Smoother Surfaces, Tighter Tolerances—Advances In Cutters & Abrasives
  • Tow Vehicle Enhancements Products To Improve Your Customers’ Other Performance Vehicles
  • Top Drawer Of The Tool Box: Spotlighting Must-Have New Products Racers Really Want!

July: Dirt Late Model Market

Closing Date

Ad Space Closes:
May 21

Artwork Due

Artwork Due:
May 28

  • Interactive IssueLiquid Assets: Up-Selling Your Customers To Race-Grade Oils & Lubricants
  • From Custom To Shelf-Stock—New Twists In Crankshaft Development, Plus: Fine-Tune Sales Of Harmonic Dampers
  • Pulling In Added Profit From Pushrods & Lifters
  • Performance Shocks & Springs Secrets To Superior Setups
  • Cool Customers: Cover Racers’ Radiator, Water Pump & Fan Requirements
  • Trailer Accessories For Easier Loading, Safer Tie-Down And Improved Storage
  • A Place For Everything: New Options In Toolboxes, Storage Units & Pit Carts, Plus: Race Shop Fixtures To Suit Any Floor Plan

August: Race Shop Machinery

Closing Date

Ad Space Closes:
June 22

Artwork Due

Artwork Due:
June 26

  • Mega-Market! Super Sales Potential In Dirt And Asphalt Modifieds
  • Exhaust Building Blocks: Headers, Merge Collectors & Bends
  • Steering System Components: Turning Improved Profits
  • From Brakes To Car Bodies: Carbon Fiber And Other Composite Materials Continue The March Into Mainstream Racing
  • Rotors, Pads, Calipers—Become The One-Stop Shop For Performance Brake Components
  • Technicians’ Wish List: Innovative New Diagnostic, Pneumatic & Hand Tools
  • Exclusive Update: Sealed Racing Engines

September: Muscle Car Market

Closing Date

Ad Space Closes:
July 21

Artwork Due

Artwork Due:
July 27

  • Superior To Stock: Assessing The Advantages Of Aftermarket Engine Blocks, Cylinder Sleeves, Main Bearings & Caps
  • Supplying The Staples Rod Ends, A-Arms & Radius Rods
  • Driving Schools Creating Tomorrow’s Racers Today, And How Your Store Can Tap Into This New Enthusiast Base
  • Traditional Powerhouses: Carburetors & Mechanical Fuel Injection Hold Strong In Racing
  • Well-Oiled Machines: The Latest Advancements In Oil Pans, Tanks & Coolers
  • Feeding Big Engine Appetites: Performance Fuel Pumps & Filters
  • Crew Gear Catalog: Products & Apparel To Keep Crew Members Safe And Looking Sharp

October: Off-Road Racing Market

Closing Date

Ad Space Closes:
August 24

Artwork Due

Artwork Due:
August 28

  • PRI Trade Show Preview: Planning For The World’s Largest Gathering Of Hardcore Racing Components & Equipment Starts Right Here!
  • Hot Segment: The Exploding Aftermarket For LS Race Engines
  • Creating Sales Momentum For Pulleys, Gear Drives & Timing Chains
  • Fabricator’s File: Inside The Latest Welding & Fabricating Equipment
  • Switch On Sales Of Wiring Kits, Harnesses, Connectors & Other Electrical Components
  • Sound The Alarm: Selling Upgraded Heat Suppression & Fire Protection Products
  • Gaskets, Seals & Sealants: High-Pressure Problem-Solvers

November: PRI Trade Show Guide

Closing Date

Ad Space Closes:
September 18

Artwork Due

Artwork Due:
September 25

  • State Of The Race Market Report: Looking Ahead To 2016’s Hottest Market Segments
  • Attendees’ Guide To Britain’s Autosport Engineering Show
  • Regional Race Market Report: Getting Up-Close And Personal With An American Racing Hotbed
  • Motorsports Planet: Profiling An Emerging International Race Market
  • The Kids Are All Right: How Racing Stakeholders Have Successfully Tapped Into The Youth Market, Plus: Expert Advice For Keeping Kids Safe In Race Cars
  • Show Me The Money: Why Corporate Sponsors Care About Racing (And What To Do About It)
  • Racing 101: Taking Stock Of The Tech Schools & Colleges Turning Out The Next Generation Of Motorsports Professionals
  • Under New Management: What It Takes To Bring A New Or Existing Race Track Up To Speed
  • Webmasters: Building And Maintaining Your Site Can Be Simple AND Rewarding


December: 30th Annual Buyers Guide

Closing Date

Ad Space Closes:
October 27

Artwork Due

Artwork Due:
October 29

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