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Why Attending This Performance Racing Industry Mega-Event Is The Best Move For Your Business

Whether you are a speed shop owner, engine builder, fabricator, parts supplier, racer or other motorsports professional, the PRI Trade Show provides valuable information, ideas, and the knowledge you need to grow your business and advance your career. Here’s how to get the most out of the 2014 PRI Trade Show.

By Christine Corelli, Christine Corelli & Associates, Inc.


The coolest new gadgets! The fastest engines! Parts for hardcore racers! New products being released into the racing marketplace! Amazing new technology! Racing stars and legends! Aisles of tools and new equipment to help take your motorsports business or career to new levels! Networking with other lovers of speed!

What more could you ask for?

There’s much more, in fact, as these are just a few of the reasons why motorsports professionals should attend the racing industry’s biggest and most important show—the Performance Racing Industry Trade Show!

Are you serious about driving business growth and fueling high performance in your business and your bottom line? Hopefully you are not like some business owners who are so enamored with their love of racing that they forget they are in business. And businesses need to grow and prosper. All entrepreneurs should remember:

Revenue is really nice—profit is what matters! Whether you are a speed shop owner, engine builder, fabricator, parts supplier, racing team member, dyno service provider, or involved in any other type of motorsports business, one of the most important reasons to attend the PRI Trade Show is to obtain valuable information, ideas, and the knowledge you need to grow your business and advance your career. Here’s how…

Educational sessions can help you speed up your business and keep you up to speed. Make it a priority to attend educational sessions that will improve your skills and provide ideas on how to grow your business. If you don’t register for the Show and attend these sessions, you might miss a rare—and valuable—opportunity to learn from the experts.

Manufacturers are sending their top representatives to help you prevent frustrating installation problems with timing chains, pulleys, cam drives and gear drives. You will learn tips and techniques from the experts on how to craft a clean-looking wiring system…and so much more.

Popular PRI Show speaker Tom Shay will explain how speed shop owners, engine builders and fabricators can benefit from expanding their advertising strategies beyond word of mouth. And leading motorsports marketing agency JMI will present an exclusive seminar on “The Value of Partnerships.”

Another marketing maven, Annamarie Malfitana-Strawhand, will share her proven step-by-step process to get the winning marketing mindset, attract more sponsor dollars, boost racing teams and income, and advance driving careers.

An expert panel of vintage racing experts will be on hand to discuss opportunities in this lucrative market, while Dirt Late Model specialist Jay Dickens of Jay Dickens Racing Engines will open the doors to his thriving shop and give the insider’s perspective on how to operate a successful race engine business.

And yours truly will be making her first appearance at the PRI Show to present an educational session of my own: “Fueling High Performance In Your Business.” The program will identify five critical success factors for business growth and profitability. Whether you are a large or small business, I guarantee you will benefit from the interaction and information you’ll receive.

Just for you: a dedicated media center!

The PRI Trade Show will have a full-service media center on site at the Indiana Convention Center, as well as an online exhibitor press release center ( available now through the Show, where you can find news and information about PRI Show exhibitors at your fingertips.

There are many more reasons to attend, as well as information on what you will see once you arrive. Want more? Just go to

With over 1100 exhibiting companies, it’s a good idea to start planning now in order to maximize all three days at the Show. Fortunately, there’s the PRI Show Planner.

And if you haven’t done so already, book your hotel accommodations ASAP. Rooms are hard to come by during the Show, and there’s discount hotel offerings online through PRI Housing.

Next, review these 10 tips to help you get the most from your PRI Show experience.

1) Prior to the Show, make a list of the three biggest problems you face in your business. Then, while you’re in Indianapolis during the Trade Show, make it a point to ask the experts, and the most successful people you meet at the Show, to help you find solutions to these challenges.

2) Review the PRI website, and the list of exhibitors. Are you interested in specific components? New sensors? Simulation software?

3) Create a list of “must see’s”—people and companies. Some people walk through the Show once without stopping just to see who is exhibiting and what is being displayed. Then, they go back and take their time. This method works well for many Trade Show attendees. Others like to walk up and down the aisles and target the exhibitors that are most interesting.

4) While it is difficult to take anyone away from your business, bring the key players in your company who can help you make buying decisions and attend the seminars that are offered. Bringing them along can be an added expense, but it will pay off in the long run. For a larger company, consider dividing the Show up into sections and meeting up later to discuss “must see’s,” “must have’s, “too cool to believe,” and “best deals.” This is an efficient way to see the Show. For educational sessions, each team member can sit in on a different session to maximize the amount of information gathered by the entire team.

5) Leverage vendor expertise. Vendors possess valuable information not only on equipment and services, but also on market trends and the racing industry. While their primary purpose for exhibiting is to sell, they are also there to promote goodwill and build relationships. Most are more than willing to answer questions and provide help. Ask away!

6) Collect business cards, and write notes to yourself on the back of each one in case you have trouble remembering who they are and what you talked about when you reference the card after the Show. Also, put the most important cards in a different pocket from others, and be sure you have plenty of your own cards to pass out.

7) Get a real deal! Many exhibitors offer outstanding discounts, deals and specials right there at the Show. Take advantage.

8) Network like crazy! Make a conscious decision and special effort to attend events, sessions and PRI activities, and talk to as many people as possible. When you are in a crowd of people, don’t wait—initiate. Simply walk up to someone you’d like to meet and start a conversation. “Hi! I’m Christine. How do you like the Show?” Make friends and learn as much as you can from the people around you.

9) Get and stay connected. Find five people who you really want to get to know and want to keep in touch with. You might even want to emulate what many people in the automotive aftermarket business do— form a “mastermind group,” where you hold monthly phone conferences (visit or even get together in person to help each other with your businesses. If this sounds good to you, form the group with people who are on the same level, or who may be faster in the race for business growth.

10) Form strategic alliances at the Show. Find people or companies where you may obtain a mutually beneficial business relationship.

Now pack your comfortable shoes, plenty of business cards, your cell phone, your cell phone charger and a good pen.

Post PRI Show

Your feet are aching, but your heart is still racing from the excitement of the Show. Now, while everything is fresh in your mind, go through all the literature and business cards you gathered. Then ask yourself these questions:

What new products/services were most impressive?

What should you consider purchasing?

What did you learn about what your competitors are doing?

What did you learn about the industry as a whole?

What ideas did you obtain that can help you expand your business?

What new skills will you apply?

What new technology should you consider?

What, if anything, can you do that others are not doing to differentiate your company from your competitors?

How can you acquire new business? What “idea of ideas” should you implement?

Finally, here’s how to compete in the race for business growth: Prioritize. Come up with three ideas you will implement or areas you will work to improve upon in your business or racing career in 2015. Will it be marketing? Customer service? Race team efficiency? It’s all about learning to move faster and be more profitable.

Forget tough. Today’s competition is fierce! If you make time for the PRI Trade Show and take advantage of its many educational opportunities, you will not only experience the excitement firsthand, but you will obtain a distinct competitive advantage. Attending the PRI Show is truly one of the best things you can do for your racing business!

Chrintine Corelli

Christine Corelli of Christine Corelli & Associates, Inc. in Chicago, Illinois, is an industry speaker and author of five business books including the bestselling “Wake Up and Smell the Competition.” She is slated to appear at this year’s PRI Trade Show in Indianapolis, Indiana, in December. Be sure to attend her session. To learn more, visit, or call 847/581 9968.


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