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Champion Increases Capacity Of Private Label Opportunities
March 24, 2020
Champion Brands, an ISO 9001:2015 manufacturer, has announced increased opportunities for private label products. Based in Clinton, Missouri, Champion blends and packages oils, lubes, and more.
Champion Increases Capacity Of Private Label Opportunities

Champion Brands, LLC has increased its capacity of private label opportunities for aftermarket motor oils, lubricants, additives, and chemicals.

For over 64 years, Champion Brands, an ISO 9001:2015 manufacturer, has blended and packaged motor oils, gear lubes, brake fluids, power steering fluids, fuel additives, transmission fluids, greases, and many other specialty automotive chemicals.

Champion operates a fully-functioning, on-site quality control lab where employees can work with customers on method development or unique quality test requirements. Some of the test methods and equipment available include Density by Digital Density Meter, Kinematic Viscosity, Low-Temperature Viscosity by Brookfield Viscometer, Cold-Cranking Viscosity of Engine Oils, Elemental Analysis by EDXRF, ATR and fixed-path FT-IR Spectrometry, Demulsibility of Lubricants, Foaming Tendency of Lubricants, Water by Karl Fischer Titration, pH of Glycols and Brake Fluids, Reflux Boiling Point of Automotive Brake Fluids and Glycols, and Other Brake Fluids Tests as Defined in FMVSS 116.

Champion's processes range from approving raw production and packaging materials to final inspections of packaged goods.

Champion is also a member of the Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association (ILMA) and a supporter of the ILMA Code of Ethics, which works to ensure manufacturers produce products that meet today’s exacting specifications. Champion is also a licensee for the American Petroleum Institute’s (API) Engine Oil Licensing and Certification System, and hold numerous industry and OEM approvals. 

Champion also actively participates in Missouri’s stakeholder processes for Missouri Weights and Measures Petroleum Quality Program, working to keep inferior-quality products and products with misleading labels off the market.

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