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FIA Approves Regulation Changes In Response To Pandemic
April 1, 2020
The World Motor Sport Council has approved regulatory changes in response to the rapidly-evolving global situation, including updates for the Formula One and the World Rally Championship.
FIA Approves Regulation Changes In Response To Pandemic

The World Motor Sport Council has approved, by e-vote, a number of key changes to regulations to allow it to react more swiftly to the challenges currently posed by the global COVID-19 pandemic.  

Among the changes, the World Motor Sport Council has granted a delegation of authority to the president of the FIA to make decisions regarding the 2020 season, which may be required in a matter of urgency.

Any decision made by the President of the FIA shall be taken after consultation with the Deputy President for Sport, the Secretary General for Sport and the President of the relevant Sporting Commission, if applicable.

The World Council has also approved a number of changes to regulations for specific championships.

FIA Formula One World Championship:
Changes for the 2020 Sporting Regulations have been approved. This will be achieved by:

The addition of Article 1.3, in order to be able to change certain articles with 60% support amongst the teams, so as to increase flexibility during this difficult period. In any case, a subsequent approval by the World Motor Sport Council will be required.

The permission for the FIA and Formula 1 to change the calendar without a vote (deletion of Article 5.5)

Changes to testing (Article 10.5)

Addition of Power Unit Manufacturers shutdown (Article 21.10 and 21.11)

Changes to permissible Power Unit elements if the number of races reduces (Article 23.3)

The banning of aerodynamic development for the 2022 Regulations during 2020 (starting on Saturday, March 28).  

The World Council approved the previously-announced delay of the 2021 Technical Regulations to 2022 for cost-saving measures. Further measures will be introduced for 2021 following discussions with the teams. These will include the homologation of the Survival Cell (from 2020) and certain other components.

In addition, dual-axis steering systems (DAS) will not be permitted in the 2021 regulations as defined in Article 10.4.2.

FIA World Rally Championship:
The FIA launched an invitation to tender on December 19, 2019, to select a single hybrid supplier in the 2022‐2024 World Rally Championship for the new Rally1 class vehicles. The World Council approved the appointment of Compact Dynamics as the single supplier, as well as provisions for the Rally1 engine technical regulations to retain the same base engine as current but with measures to reduce costs and development.

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