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SEMA Garage Produces Medical Visors With Stratasys
April 6, 2020
SEMA Garage will use both 3D printers in its Diamond Bar, California facility to provide visors, which will attach to medical face shields. The effort supports the recent Stratasys initiative.
SEMA Garage Produces Medical Visors With Stratasys

SEMA Garage will be assisting Stratasys by providing 3D printed visors, which will attach to face shields and support those who are working in healthcare facilities.

“We may not have large-quantity output capabilities, but we’re glad to assist in any way possible and be a part of this initiative. Collectively, we can make a difference,” said SEMA Garage Engineer Luis Morales, who is leading the project.

SEMA Garage will use both 3D printers in its Diamond Bar, California facility to help as much as possible. The garage hopes to produce about 280 visors within the week following its April 2 announcement.

“Throughout the year, our association is dedicated to serving its members, many who are affected by this situation,” Morales said. “We are glad to use our tools and equipment to benefit the initiative of producing 3D printed face shields to assist medical facilities in stabilizing this pandemic. It’s a different way to continue to serve our members, as well as the overall community.”

Stratasys has designed and publicly shared the CAD model of its visor in hopes that manufacturers and service providers worldwide respond to the current global COVID-19 pandemic. Recently, the company helped deliver 5,000 face shields to critical need areas, according to a release.

Stratasys Healthcare Segment Leader Scott Drikakis, who is directing the company’s COVID-19 response in the Americas, relayed that the movement has helped over 30 health systems, covering hospitals, clinics, academic medical centers, and nursing homes.

Since the initial delivery, Stratasys has received requests for over 350,000 face shields. During that time, over 150 organizations have joined the company in producing shields.

“I have never seen collaboration across our industry the way I’ve been seeing it over the last couple weeks,” said Drikakis. The coalition is aiming to supplement another 11,000 face shields by next week and 16,000 the following week as more organizations continue to help.

Additional suppliers are encouraged to join the initiative. For more information on how to help, visit If you can provide 3D printed visors and/or protective shields, or if you are in need of any of those items, visit

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