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Regarding SEMA’s Purchase of IMIS and its Consolidation into the 2013 PRI Trade Show



Now that SEMA has purchased both shows, will PRI turn into a SEMA East or is the plan to stay hardcore racing as IMIS did?

PRI will be a hardcore racing trade show. That’s its heritage, and its value to SEMA. There would be ever decreasing value to PRI Trade Show attendees and exhibitors if the Show were to change its identity.


We supported IMIS and dropped out of the PRI Trade Show. Will our companies be penalized or treated differently from those who did PRI only or both shows?

No. The PRI team is happy to be doing business again with companies that dropped out of the Orlando show, and wishes to strengthen the business relationships rather than weaken them. Companies that only exhibited in IMIS will receive one year of seniority for every year they were in IMIS but not in PRI. All companies in the 2013 PRI Trade Show will be treated equally, and the PRI team prides itself on its level of customer service to exhibitors.


What role will SEMA play in the future of the show?

The PRI Trade Show continues to operate out of its longtime headquarters in Laguna Beach, California, with PRI executive John Kilroy—a 22-year company veteran—in charge as Vice President/General Manager. John’s objective is to maintain the heritage of the PRI Trade Show as a hardcore racing trade show that provides the racing industry with an effective and affordable place to conduct business in new hardcore racing components and technology.

SEMA will bring its resources to improve the PRI Trade Show experience. From new business education seminars to the new Race Safety & Technology Center scheduled for the 2013 PRI Trade Show, SEMA is facilitating the creation of event-enhancement projects for the PRI Trade Show.

SEMA is also exploring new ways to fully utilize its purchase of the PRI and IMIS organizations to fulfill its mission to help the racing and specialty automotive industry.


The Safety and Technical Conference brought a lot of value, and the potential going forward was very good. Will that continue and if so, will the format remain intact?

Yes, the safety and technical educational programming will continue in the 2013 PRI Trade Show. Much of it will take place at the new Race Safety & Technology Center being created for this year’s PRI Trade Show by John Waraniak, SEMA vice president of vehicle technology.


Will exhibitors or attendees be required to join SEMA?

No. Exhibitors and attendees will not be required to join SEMA.


IMIS was very racer friendly. Will that continue?

Yes. The PRI Trade Show is expanding its attendance development scope beyond racing businesses to include race teams throughout the US.


Will PRI hold an Opening Reception as the IMIS did, or its traditional Grand Opening Breakfast?

PRI will host an Exhibitor Reception early Wednesday evening, but in the PRI tradition, we will also hold the Grand Opening Breakfast on the morning of the first day of the Show (Thursday). PRI will also host a PRI Happy Hour when Show hours close on Thursday.


IMIS had a very high level of personal service. Will this continue now that the IMIS staff is no longer involved?

Yes. The PRI team is staffed with people who have years of experience in the racing industry, and love the sport and its people. PRI will continue to provide a high level of customer service to its exhibitors and attendees, doing everything it can to make the Show a successful, enjoyable and affordable experience.




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