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And A Thanks To Safety-Kleen
By John Kilroy on June 1, 2011

No one thinks about it much any more, but it’s worthwhile to mention it every once in a while, we believe, as a way to show how times can change for the better….race tracks were at one time an environmental disaster. At many tracks on a race weekend, it was common to find a single place in the pits where teams would dump their oil and allow it to mysteriously disappear into the ground long after they departed. Today, we imagine all that oil heading straight for our drinking water.

Today, at major races, PRI always enjoys a trip to the Safety-Kleen trailer just to say hello to the ever friendly, ever ebullient Safety-Kleen team. The company exhibits in the PRI Trade Show every year. From cleaning equipment to waste management products and services, the Safety-Kleen exhibit is a busy place at the PRI Trade Show as racing machine shop owners find solutions to their challenges in these areas. And Safety-Kleen’s Drew Patey is just fun to talk to, in addition to his expertise. Always positive. A great energy.

Safety-Kleen is on the job in race pits at major events, and the old era of oil ponds at race tracks is over. We’d like to say, “Thanks.”

PRI’s Judy Kean makes Safety-Kleen one of her first visits when she enters the garage area of a major race. At the Indy 500, she caught up with the Safety-Kleen crew and the accompanying photo shows, left to right, Warren White, Tracy Buchanan, Crystal McFerran, Drew Patey and Judy.

Judy asked that PRI recognize and thank Drew, and the entire Safety-Kleen team, for all they do for racing. And we sure second that.


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