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Goodridge, QR Codes & The PRI Trade Show
By John Kilroy on November 11, 2011

Marketers throughout business today are seeking ways to connect to customers through recent smartphone technology. QR codes allow smartphone users to snap a photo, which will then take the user to a website, including video on the internet.

It's a pretty impressive concept. Someone walking by a QR code, or finding it in a print publication, is instantly immersed in an internet world of the company's choosing.

One idea of using this technology for racing retailers and race engine builders would be to have a QR code in a public place at a race track to start the connection process with a potential new customer, introduce a new product or describe a new sale event.

Goodridge is using the expanded capacities of smartphones at this year's PRI Trade Show to get buyers to stop by the exhibit, and expand Goodridge's connection to customers via Facebook.

Visit Goodridge at Booth 2801 at the PRI Trade Show and enter a drawing to win the new iPad2. Simply scan your smart phone to upload the Goodridge QR Code, then put a thumbs up on the Goodridge Facebook page, and you will be entered into the drawing.

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