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Green Flag For 2012!!!
By on February 10, 2012

With the recent hoopla for the NFL Super Bowl game still ringing in my ears, I think about what is the “real” Super Bowl in racing. To many racers, the annual Daytona 500 is the “official” launch of the racing season. After the Daytona 500 race literally thousands of race tracks, which include pavement, dirt, drag strips, kart tracks and road courses, open their gates and begin the process of promoting race events. They are preparing for all of their respective opening events at their venues across our country where hundreds of thousands of racers will journey to these tracks to race. The competitors are now working hard to get their cars ready. They are anxious to begin another season that begins in earnest in spring and runs up to the late fall.

Grassroots racing provides the foundation of business opportunity for our racing industry. Located nearby each and every racing venue (oval, drag strip, road course) is always a community of racing businesses that provide the ever important parts and services required for all the racers in the area to keep up to speed and winning races at the local tracks. This PRI Magazine is read from cover to cover by the owners, managers and operators of the 26,000-plus racing business entities currently serving the consuming racing group that participates on a weekly basis at our nation’s racing venues. In fact, this March issue features an unbelievable complement of advertisers that represent a significant increase from March of 2011. These 200-plus advertiser bring to the market a multitude of new product offerings for the ultimate racer and offer tantalizing profit opportunities for the retailers, engine builders, car builders, fabricators, suspension specialists and other outlets serving the racing community. Our job at PRI is to do everything we can to inform the market about what is happening in the marketplace via Editor John Kilroy’s factual and pertinent editorial offerings, combined with the complement of advertisers that bring their messages of new products and profit opportunities. These companies provide the racing product distribution infrastructure the inventory mix to serve all of their racing clientele.

So, it will not be long after the checkered flag waves at the Daytona 500 and the winner proudly stands in victory lane that “green flags” at all of the grassroots racing venues will wave. That is when the fun and business opportunities officially begin for everyone.

May everyone have a successful 2012 season.

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