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Introducing PRI Direct
By Dan Schechner on September 6, 2018

What if I told you there was a brand-new resource that lets a race engine builder in Winder, Georgia (for example) search the world’s largest database of racing and performance manufacturers for everything from A/N fittings to wrist pins. Similarly, a performance shop in Brainerd, Minnesota (again, just an example) could now use that same tool to locate suppliers of bolt extractors, flow benches or work holding equipment; and a fabricator in Red Oak, Texas, to find differential bearings, floater axles… you get the gist.

But what if you also wanted to know whether a manufacturers representative carries a certain line, or serves your area? Or you needed to double-check if a particular sanctioning body still runs pavement late models, 360 sprints or quarter-midgets?

And for manufacturers, service providers and wholesalers, the benefits would be as clear as a bellhousing: You, my friends, would be offered a direct pipeline to nearly 100,000 high-volume buyers and end users of your products and services—the same qualified industry professionals that gather each year in Indianapolis for our award-winning Trade Show; that read our best-in-class magazine; that receive our now-weekly eNewsletter; and that follow our daily updates online, including our highly engaging social media platforms.

What we’d have here is a powerful new search tool with up-to-the-minute information on domestic and international racing suppliers, wholesalers, warehouse distributors, service providers, race sanctioning organizations and manufacturers reps—one that’s uniquely positioned to draw on the strength of PRI’s resources for the sole purpose of promoting business across the industry’s vast and varied supply chain.

Introducing, PRI Direct.

Think of it as the 2.0 version of our annual PRI Buyers Guide: a comprehensive directory that’s online, mobile-friendly, updated regularly, available 24/7, and TOTALLY FREE TO ACCESS.  

I recently sat down with PRI Publisher Peter MacGillivray to discuss the new platform, and he described it thusly: "For more than 30 years, motorsports professionals have relied on the PRI Buyers Guide to conduct business, and now PRI Direct gives users instant online access to all of the valuable information in the print publication…. Because PRI Direct is part of the PRI ecosystem, businesses can increase their ROI by leveraging the power of PRI Magazine and the PRI Trade Show to increase their exposure.”

And I was like, “Peter, you had me at ‘ecosystem.’”

It’s actually a term we started using here some time ago to describe the interconnectivity of PRI’s products (Trade Show, magazine, eNewsletter, website, social media, etc.) and how they all work together to deliver truckloads of value for our partners (exhibitors, attendees, advertisers, readers, followers, etc.). When placed alongside our exclusive database of motorsports parts buyers, the possibilities are endless.

So we invite you to visit today and spend some time exploring. There, you’ll find company information for more than 2800 top motorsports suppliers, along with enhanced listings that include product photos, videos, contact information, distribution channels and more.

We’re definitely excited about this new venture, and we think you will be, too, as it’s yet another way PRI helps keep racing professionals dialed in to the worldwide motorsports marketplace!  

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