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Keep Promoting!
By John Kilroy on November 15, 2011

We've seen many instances in the past several years when the value of promoting to a business has suffered as owners concentrated so much on lowering overhead and closing sales. It's a reasonable response considering the pressures companies were under, but we have to remember that promoting is what leads to the next new sales opportunity. Plus, in a time when so many are unfortunately cutting back in this key area, smart and affordable promotion is most critical in a battle for your share of the market.

Buyer attendance at the PRI Trade Show has remained steady and stable despite the economic downturn. PRI has kept the exhibit aisles packed! The main attraction is the incredible conglomerate of ingenious new racing products displayed so creatively by 1,000 exhibitors. It's an amazing experience, and for racing businesspeople and members of professional race teams, there's nothing like it.

Still, it's an experience we promote in all different directions....high-quality preregistration brochure mailed to over 50,000; international brochures, public relations, editorial coverage in PRI magazine, advertising campaign, eNewsletters, website, and more.

One of our 'secret weapons' in promoting attendance is our telephone team. As a matter of convenience, and a nice personal touch to extend an invitation to attend the PRI Trade Show, Nicole Harless puts together a terrific team year after year to contact buyers and arrange their registration for the PRI Trade Show. When it comes to promotion, this form of 'direct contact' with attending buyers is effective, and helpful in a customer service way.

We'd like to thank Audrey Tran, Maggie McAuley and Tory Lawyer (left to right, working the phones in the photo below) for representing PRI so well to the racing community. And we'd like to thank Christina Lowe (also in the photo in the back) for inserting the thousands of buyer credentials into the credential packets we mail them.

PRI Phone Team

Keep promoting! It works.

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