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QR Codes Bring Video To The Printed Page
By John Kilroy on August 23, 2011

When we experiment with new information technology at PRI, we always wish to share it immediately with our audience in case you can use it also. We have just entered the phase of using QR codes, and one of its most amazing uses for us is that we can insert a QR code onto a printed page--either a brochure or a magazine--and a person with a QR code smartphone app can snap a picture of the code and it will signal their smartphone to bring up a PRI video specificied in the code.

QR codes were invented in 1994, but they're still new enough that many of you may not be aware of them. They are essentially a bar code without bars. Whenever you see a strange, little square of uneven blobs of black, that's a QR code.

You can insert a variety of messages in a QR code, from business card data to a complete online bio to a URL for your website. For us, the most exciting thing is to use it to connect smartphone users immediately to a video message. Keep an eye out for our QR code in the article in the September issue about using PRI's My Show Planner online scheduling tool for the Show.

It doesn't cost anything to establish a QR code for your marketing purposes.

Click here to read a business article on using QR codes.

Click here if you want to generate a QR codes right now.

If you have a killer video on YouTube promoting your company, our advice is to take advantage of QR codes to get more people to view the video.

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