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Short Track Racing The Way It Was
By John Kilroy on October 20, 2011

It was interesting talking to John Godfrey, owner of Spike Chassis, in Brownsburg, Indiana, the other day, when I called him for an article in the November issue on the State of the Racing Market. I just wanted to get John's viewpoint on where racing is right now, especially short track open wheel racing.

John's initial answer was simple, direct, and probably spoke for a lot of people in racing when he frankly acknowledged, "I don't know." It's a tough question to answer these days. As John said, "It's very unpredictable at the moment.

"We've actually been busy the whole summer," said John. However, he said there appears to have been a slowdown that started about three weeks ago, and he's hoping it's merely a temporary blip.

The interesting thing was his concept that racers seem to want to go back to simpler times in the sport. Race closer to home, with fellow local racers. If there's less glitz, they're OK with that.

"They actually want to go back to short track racing the way it was," said John, noting, "The little guys are still around."

He also mentioned that in the flush days of just a few years ago, racers would pack the hauler (which got pretty sizable) with spare parts. Now, race teams are fairly lean on spare parts, which puts added pressure on racing businesses to maintain a ready inventory for race teams in need of a part immediately.

As John said, "They're getting back to short track racing the way it used to be."

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