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Views & Notes: January 2015 Edition
By Dan Schechner on December 30, 2014

* #WhatAShow: So much positive energy from the 2014 PRI Trade Show, and such optimism for the racing industry heading into 2015! While our February issue will include complete coverage of PRI 2014, at this time we can report that PRI’s social media efforts during the Trade Show were a big hit. In fact, it’s come to our attention that during at least one of our Trade Show days, “#prishow” was one of the top trending topics on Twitter! According to the folks that track such metrics, Twitter Trends are identified as “topics that are being talked about more right now than they were previously. The Trends list is designed to help people discover the ‘most breaking’ news from across the world, in real-time.” That said, we thought it would be fun to list some of our favorite tweets from the 2014 Show. Following, listed in chronological order, is a look back at PRI through the lens of Twitter:   

@kyleluetters Dec 11
Best breakfast of the year..... Opening day of the #prishow

@ACCELIgnition Dec 11
For those of you who didn't get up early for the kickoff breakfast, you missed out!! #weareawakenow #prishow

@Sunoco_UK Dec 11 Indianapolis, IN
PRI2014 good morning America. Legends Snake and Mongoose with Dave Despain - classic! #prishow @SunocoRacing

@indyraceparts Dec 11 Indiana, US
Looking forward to the next couple of days meeting new friends & seeing old friends #prishow

@IndyCar Dec 11
News from #PRIshow! @CFHR_Indy announces partnership with @Indiana_EDC! @edcarpenter20 @SarahFisher

@AshleyK199 Dec 11
Someone's getting her first set of ear molds... Thank you Joey with @REradioz! #PRIshow

@IndyCar Dec 11
We've got @GrahamRahal and @bobrahal on the stage here at #PRIshow!

@keizerwheels Dec 11
Fun w/ @lucasdirt Champion driver @15SteveFrancis @ClintBowyer being interviewed by our own @Anthemdirt #PRIShow

@RustyWallace Dec 11
Having fun at the #prishow today! I'll be signing autographs for our friends at @JET_Industrial from 2:30-4:00.

@GrahamRahal Dec 11
Thanks to everyone that came to @BobRahal and my Q&A for @IndyCar. Great turnout at #PRIShow today!

@Coop1930 Dec 11 Indianapolis, IN
Lots of horsepower & eye candy at 2014 @prishow! #prishow

@mittler_bros Dec 11
@markmartin stopped by to talk to Mike Mittler @prishow . Who else will be by our booth #1215 ? #PRI2014 #prishow

@CGRTeams Dec 11
@scottdixon9 talking new houses, last season, and what he's looking forward to in 2015 at @IndyCar #prishow booth.

@QA1Motorsports Dec 11
@Andrade4336 stopped by our booth today to check out carbon fiber driveshafts for #TheCutty! #StreetOutlaws #prishow

@GatewayMSP Dec 11
@ChrisBlair4B @NASCAR legend @HumpyWheeler & Curtis Francois share a drink at #PRIShow happy hour @LucasOilStadium

@RogerSlack Dec 11
Retweet if you saw Junior Hanley walking around #PRIshow today in Indy. Fav if you wish you had #PRI2014.

@ashleyvandyke Dec 12
Too many bruises to count this morning. Awesome night Karting with @ReplayXD and we are still laughing! #PRIShow #FastTimes #Indy

@ralphsheheen Dec 12
Had to make sure @Rico_Abreu was dressed like the winner he is at PRI #prishow @SPEEDSPORT_

@CPGNationLive Dec 12
It's always cool to see so many champions in one place. #pri2014 #prishow #myprishow #racing

@AshleyK199 Dec 12
Sitting in on the #WomenofRacing panel at #PRIshow. Love hearing from two of my heroes, @SarahFisher & @PippaMann!

@Coop1930 Dec 12 Indianapolis, IN
Amazing how the sound of one starter cranking at #PRIShow gets about 100 people to stop and turn around instantly.

@GarrettBarbee Dec 12
I wish I was at the #PRIShow

@Lucas_Oil Dec 12
#PRIShow - @JFR_Racing stopped by the Lucas Oil booth this afternoon. Looking forward to the 2015 @NHRA season!

@nasaproracing Dec 12
Tons of traffic through the NASA booth today at the PRI show. #PRIShow #PRI2014 #nasaproracing #nasaprototype.

@milesamartin Dec 12
Having the best time at the #PRIShow with @markamartin

@JeffLee Dec 12 Indianapolis, IN
Mean as hell blown 2015 #Mustang Cobra Jet in the Watson Racing booth #PRIShow

@wblair1987 Dec 12
Reutimann and @JeffBurton enjoying the @prishow in Indy. #racing #PRIShow

@steph_beane Dec 12
Such a fantastic day at the #PRIShow #PRI2014 #DoingBigThings #RSBMotorsports #MakingProgress

@StephenJBurke Dec 12 Indianapolis, IN
Hard not to consider opening a racing parts store after a few days at PRI. #prishow

@Howard3Racing Dec 12
Having an absolute blast at the #PRIShow ! Loving all the new people to meet. Cannot wait for tomorrow!

@epotkanowicz Dec 12
How can I honestly say what I do for a living is work?! Seriously enjoy this trip each year. #PRIShow

@MichaelClary70 Dec 13
Sitting in a very packed room at the PRI show on how to attract sponsorship #PRIShow #PRI2014

@MarinaAFD Dec 13
Learning a lot at #PRIShow already!

@kyleluetters Dec 13
It never ceases to amaze me how much business you truly get done at the #PRIShow. Worth the hard work to get here.

@MichaelClary70 Dec 13
It's hard to explain how big the PRI show is unless you have been here...@prishow #PRIShow #PRI2014

@driftpoint Dec 13
Speed is a byproduct of awesome. #prishow #Indianapolis

@MomoMotorsport Dec 13
When it comes to racing, annual #PRIShow means business #NASCAR #NHRA

@GatewayMSP Dec 13
Great hanging out w/ 3-time Gateway champ @AntronBrown @shoeracing @NHRA booth 3415 #PRIShow

@KMZ_Motorsports Dec 13
Just wrapped up the last day at the @prishow with some great seminars from Optimum G and @GaleForceSus #engineering #learning #PRIShow

@Wesirwin9 Dec 13
It was a pleasure talking racing with @braddoty18 today at @prishow thank you Brad! #PRIShow #racing

@MorinRacing98 Dec 13
This place is like heaven! #PRIShow

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