Views & Notes: September 2015 Edition | Performance Racing Industry
Views & Notes: September 2015 Edition
By Dan Schechner on September 8, 2015

* Service Matters: Forty years ago, two brothers from Statesville, North Carolina, decided to build a drag car. Their car proved road-worthy, as one might assume, and the pair subsequently became fixtures on the local drag strip. Their hobby soon morphed into a business, however, when word spread through the pits—and beyond—that Steve and Mike Heintz always had a cache of replacement parts on hand in case of breakage. As racers came calling, the business grew from a garage-based operation into what is today one of the area’s best known speed shops.

Since 1994, Heintz Performance has occupied a spot of prime real estate in the shadow of Charlotte Motor Speedway. And its day-to-day business is run by company vice president Scott Heintz, who proudly carries on the tradition set by his father and uncle. He’s a throwback of sorts, is Scott, in that what you see is truly what you get. No games, no double-talk.

As we discussed business in his office not long ago, Heintz talked about his core market (the vast majority is NASCAR circle track, but Dirt Late Models account for a strong following, too), challenges (more teams manufacturing parts in-house), and keys to success (“You have to watch your inventory”). But he also mentioned something that I would bet is just as responsible for Heintz Performance’s staying power as any business decision or technological innovation. “We’ve always excelled in service,” he told me, “and the biggest thing for us is maintaining those one-on-one, face-time relationships. Where we are today is because my dad introduced those manufacturers to a lot of teams and established those relationships. He went door to door, team to team. There’s still a need to go in and talk to people. In fact, we have a truck that goes out twice a day to deliver parts, take orders and handle any problems that come up. I even get to do it myself sometimes…. A salesman that knows a product, that can go in and solve problems start to finish, is still a valuable thing in this business.”             

* PRI Has Your Daly Fix: It’s not polite to boast, but in this case I’m giving us a pass. That’s because PRI has managed to secure one of the most sought-after speakers in motorsports to deliver a special presentation at this year’s Trade Show in Indianapolis.

Derek Daly has personified excellence at every turn, hairpin or otherwise. As a driver he competed in both Formula 1 and IndyCar (including six starts in the Indianapolis 500), logged three consecutive starts at the 24 Hours of Le Mans (1988-90) and is a two-time winner of the 12 Hours of Sebring (1990-91). But his talents weren’t confined to the cockpit. In the mid-1980s he took the microphone as a member of ESPN’s motorsports coverage team and went on to become one of TV’s most recognizable and esteemed color analysts. From there, Daly migrated to the speaking circuit, and in 2009 he penned the bestseller Race To Win: How To Become A Complete Champion Driver, which offers invaluable insight into how and why the best drivers succeed, as well as unique coaching tools for emerging racers. He’s delivered keynote addresses to countless Fortune 500 companies, trade groups and government agencies. And we’re unbelievably excited to welcome him as a featured presenter at PRI 2015.

Daly’s seminar for racing industry parents and like-minded stakeholders takes place from 8–9 a.m. on Saturday, December 12, at the Indiana Convention Center, just prior to the final day of exhibits for the PRI Trade Show. His address will focus on the keys to successful ascension through the racing ladder, including young driver development, sponsorship and funding, leveraging resources and relationships, and much more. Even if you don’t have a colt in the race, we highly recommend attending this seminar. And look for more information on our full lineup of seminars in the October (Pre-Show) and November (Show Guide) issues of PRI Magazine.     

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