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Welcome To Your Show
By Dan Schechner on November 27, 2017

It’s been 30 years since Laguna Beach, California-based midget team owner and entrepreneur Steve Lewis launched a fledgling expo for buyers and sellers of hardcore motorsports goods in, of all places, Louisville, Kentucky. Some 169 exhibiting companies turned up for that first-ever PRI Trade Show—a modest precursor of what would become, in the decades to follow, the three biggest business days in racing.

And make no mistake: We wouldn’t be here without you.

We wouldn’t be here without the backing of top manufacturers like COMP Cams, Jones Racing Products, MAHLE Motorsports, and dozens of other exhibitors who believed the racing industry deserved its own dedicated showcase for new products and services under one roof… even if that roof changed zip codes a few times along the way.

We wouldn’t be here without the support of retailers, engine builders, fabricators, distributors, and professional race teams who understood that a marketplace of new trick parts and equipment could help unlock the secrets to faster ETs and lap times, decreased drag, a better setup, or any of countless other solutions to elevate their customers or programs to new levels of efficiency and performance.

And we wouldn’t be here without the spirit and vision that began with Lewis and took flight in the programs of PRI’s Race Industry Week—events like the Advanced Engineering Technology Conference, the International Council of Motorsport Sciences’ Annual Congress, the Race Track Business Conference, the Grand Opening Breakfast, and the Sunnen Engine Charity Sweepstakes, which to date has raised an estimable $374,925 for the kids of Victory Junction.

There’s a mantra we like to repeat here at PRI come Trade Show season: Our goal is not to be the biggest, but rather the best. And while our footprint has expanded to near Yeti-like proportions when compared to those salad days of Louisville circa 1988, that’s only because this industry demands it.

You’ll see exactly what we mean in the ingenious displays of longtime exhibitors and newcomers alike throughout the halls, corridors and rooms of the Indiana Convention Center beginning December 7. You’ll see it in the connections that are forged, and reinforced, during the many networking opportunities we offer in concert with our great host city of Indianapolis. You’ll see it in the energy and passion of fellow attendees who tell us year after year, “There’s nothing in the world like PRI.”

We couldn’t agree more. But we also know it’s because of you, the innovative, dedicated and unflinching industry professionals, that we’re able to celebrate this milestone 30th Anniversary Trade Show. So to all, thank you, and welcome to PRI 2017!   

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