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By Dan Schechner on May 7, 2015

* Numbers Game: Some people just aren’t good at math. I include myself on that list. As the numbers get bigger and the calculations more complex, my mind usually wanders onto more enjoyable topics, like anything else.

But now, thanks to a dedicated group of motorsports professionals, parents and educators in Central Pennsylvania, there is hope yet for the numerically challenged.

Recently, a pair of programs kicked off at Monroe and South Mountain elementary schools in which students are rewarded for spending a little extra time on their multiplication tables. Under the Final Laps Math Fact Challenge, an additional 10 minutes of after-school arithmetic earns each student one lap. After completing 10 laps,...

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By Jim Cozzie on May 1, 2015

So, the big green hammer dropped!
I know what everyone is thinking: Danica Patrick did not perform up to expectations, she is not adapting to heavy stock cars—or my favorite, her Cup career is over.
Not so.
Was this a good move for the folks at GoDaddy? Certainly they think so, just by virtue of the announcement.
But here’s the thing in business today: Every marketing program has a defined shelf life.
It's clear the GoDaddy brand enjoyed success with Danica and NASCAR over the past three years. But whenever a company or...

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By John Kilroy on April 30, 2015

The use of the word “culture” can seem a little airy when it comes to the straightforward challenge of cutting a profit in one’s business. It may become more clear as a value when one takes a look at successful race teams. They may not always have the same words to describe the culture of their organization, but it sure seems like sloppy, lazy, ill-prepared race teams never put a driver on the podium, while teams with hard-working, no-excuses, efficient, effective, prepared, innovative, dedicated personnel win championships. The culture of an organization...the spirit of an organization makes a difference, but it can be difficult to put the precepts into words.

Here’s a look at a small set of phrases that have guided PRI over the...

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By Missy Sandal on May 26, 2015

I prefer to learn from other people’s mistakes rather than make my own. I imagine most people do.
Well, what I’m about to tell you was a pretty massive mistake on my part. But if you can learn something from what I did, then it’s worth sharing.
You know those calls you get from credit card merchant processors talking about how much they can save you? Not long ago I took one of those calls from a company just down the road in Charlotte. That seems safe, right? I figured I could at least talk to them. After all, I had noticed our processing costs creeping higher over the past months and was considering shopping it around anyway.
So the salesman came by, looked over a statement with...

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