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By John Kilroy on June 13, 2013

As my father would exclaim when something big happened around our house, “Man, oh, man!” Those were my words when we completed the initial floor plan plotting process for the 2013 PRI Trade Show. The big response by racing companies to the return of the PRI Trade Show to Indianapolis, and the consolidation of two shows into one, has been huge. Throughout the Indiana Convention Center, attendees of this year’s Show will experience an extraordinary array of exhibits by hardcore racing parts manufacturers that hasn’t been seen in years. When we fire up the interactive online floor plan, we experience a virtual tour of the floor plan and it’s a speed feast throughout the Convention Center. From small specialist racing companies to the...

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By Dan Schechner on February 5, 2015

For motorsports safety experts in a variety of disciplines, everything from itchy underwear to a seven-point harness was up for discussion last month at the second edition of the Racing Goes Safer! Toyota Long Beach Grand Prix Motorsport Safety Conference.

Lecturers included:

* Dr. Jacques Dallaire, inducted into the Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame in 2006, is a Founding Member of the International Council of Motorsport Sciences (ICMS) and has been an ongoing member of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

* Dr. John Melvin, Biomechanical engineer, research manager for the GM Racing Safety Program from 1992 through 1998, has been an independent advisor on racing car crash protection for IRL, CART, F-1,...

By Jeff Butcher on April 25, 2013

Social media, video chats, email and the phone are dandy, but meeting in person is the way to engage fully with customers. Face to face is the way to get business done, as dynamic conversation opens the door to new possibilities.

When you can have real time in front of your customers, versus screen time in front of your screen of choice, expansion of ideas results in real profit—both personal and financial. Answers from an email question lead to an end. Live conversations lead to beginnings.

If you are going to go through the fiscal and physical expense of making a customer visit, then being prepared is an important step. Simply showing up can leave a negative impression, and your time and expense can be wasted. Plan a...

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By John Kilroy on April 17, 2013

It’s Saturday night, April 6, and I have the good fortune to be sitting high up in the packed grandstands of Irwindale Speedway for the opening night of the 2013 race season. Irwindale is one of two local short tracks for us at PRI, and the evening’s excitement started immediately with the steady stream of cars we encountered entering the race track more than an hour before the racing began. Irwindale is one of the country’s premier short track venues, and it was shuttered for all of last year. In a beautiful Southern California early spring twilight, we see 50 people in line for the Will Call window.  We see a line of people 35 deep at each of five ticket windows. Lots of families. Mr. Horsepower T-shirt. Chevrolet Racing jacket....

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