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By John Kilroy on September 21, 2012

We applaud the Quarter Mile Foundation's "night to remember" in the tribute roast it organized for Linda Vaughn, a true icon in motorsports culture and a neighbor just down the road a piece to PRI. The tribute was held at the “Sports Palace” at the Lucas Family Estate in Carmel, Indiana on Wednesday, August 29. Here's a report by Steve Cole, of the Quarter Mile Foundation:

The building was filled to capacity with over 300 attendees, who witnessed a “love fest” tribute to the “Queen of Speed.” The overall tone of the roasters was one of respect, admiration and love for one of motorsports’ most beloved icons.  There were funny stories, but many were tributes to Linda’s unwavering love of the motorsports and the performance...

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By John Kilroy on September 7, 2012

As I flew back from the Knoxville Nationals, I was thinking about the role of ambition in racing. ‘Hope’ is a lovely word, but ambition is hope backed by hard work and perseverance. Ambition is a word that seems to have horsepower and torque naturally attached to it. Ambition is an engine.

It takes ambition to be a racer. It may be a young man’s first race, but he would not have entered this sport without a driving ambition to win.

Next, the winning racer develops the ambition to win championships.

For a very few, an interesting vision occurs to them, followed by the ambition to make it happen: starting a racing business.

The racing industry is full of people who never planned to make a career in racing. If...

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By Jeff Butcher on August 31, 2012

Free market America is a competitive place. Closing sales is paramount to building a loyal customer base. Generating volume leads to growth. Growth pays the bills—or does it? My definition of selling includes closing the sale while making a fair profit. The free market system only allows for a modest profit—especially in racing, where our customers fight for every penny to keep cars running all season long. For all you racers reading, you can be assured that your manufacturers and dealers run on minimal profit. While it is great to have low prices, it is also nice to have needed items in stock on Fridays. Knowing your dealer will be around next week is good too!

We manufacturers and dealers chase after the discretionary dollars...

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By John Kilroy on September 5, 2012

It was fun to read a report the beginning of this month about hotel room nights that had already been reserved in Orlando, and see that the number was up by 1,000 over last year at the same time. I figured this was probably exhibitors getting an early jump on hotel accommodations. I inquired with our housing manager, Michelle Gallegos, as to how many of these rooms were reserved by attending buyers, and she came back with 17% as the answer. I then checked with Nicole Harless, registration specialist, and she said that online registration had already started with a fairly steady pace. It was triple the same amount last year. This is good news, because our big Registration Brochure had not yet hit the mail. It went out to 50,000 racing...

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