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By Dan Schechner on April 4, 2018

Some topics are just more fun to talk about than others.

For instance, if you’re looking to engage yours truly, I’d suggest a conversation starter along the lines of, “Did you hear NMCA is partnering with Dodge/SRT and Mopar to offer the nameplate’s late model drag racers a free…” or, “Were you aware that three separate race tracks were purchased by new owners in the last…”  

Or even, “My vote for the best cheeseburger in Orange County would have to be…”

Amirite, folks?

For a racing retailer, kicking off his or her sales pitch may be as simple and straightforward as, “Can I help you find something?” From there, most sellers of motorsports parts and accessories have no problem dialoguing with customers on...

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By Dan Schechner on March 1, 2018

The chronicles of American sports are chock full of great signings.

Remember when the Arizona Diamondbacks acquired free-agent pitching ace Randy Johnson following the 1998 season? Over the next four years “The Big Unit” would go on to collect four straight National League Cy Young Awards alongside a World Series title in 2001.

And who could forget Shaquille O’Neal leaving the Magic Kingdom for the Magic Castle (it’s an LA thing, Google it) upon hitting the open market in 1996? Shaq would spend the next eight years contending for NBA titles—and winning three—while simultaneously bickering with Kobe Bryant over whose jersey was the bigger seller.

I’m not even kidding. There’s an entire Wikipedia entry dedicated to...

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By Dan Schechner on February 13, 2018

Now that we’re a month and change into 2018, here’s a question: Who out there has stuck with their New Year’s Resolutions?

Better yet, who still remembers them?

Did you promise to eat healthier? Get more sleep? Maybe spend a little less time on social media? All admirable goals, to be sure. (And let me be the first to admit that I, too, have pledged to reduce my current number of visits to the local Chick-fil-A.)  

That said, a recent survey of stakeholders in the stock car market yielded, shall we say, slightly more ambitious intentions for the months ahead.

For example, at Jennerstown Speedway in Western Pennsylvania, promoter Mike Lysakowski and his team have exciting plans for 2018, among them a big-...

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By Dan Schechner on January 29, 2018

PRI got to spend three days last week surrounded by dozens of leading motorsports parts suppliers at the 2018 MPMC Media Trade Conference at the Embassy Suites by Hilton in Santa Ana, California.

This is one of our favorite events of the year, as we get to meet face-to-face with makers of the parts and equipment that power all types of race and performance vehicles in a pretty dynamic setting.

I, along with Managing Editor Meredith Kaplan Burns, Associate Editor Laura Pitts, and members of our sales & marketing team learned about the latest offerings and met with representatives from Nitrous Outlet, Hedman Performance Group, FOX Factory, Energy Suspension, DeatschWerks, QA1, Flaming...

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