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Hamilton Makes History As First Black Race Director
March 27, 2017
NASCAR's first black race director, Jusan Hamilton, headed the NASCAR Xfinity Service King 300 over the weekend, which took place at the Auto Club Speedway. He started working full-time for NASCAR four years ago, overseeing various competition duties.
Hamilton Makes History As First Black Race Director

Image by AP.

Jusan Hamilton hit a milestone Saturday when he debuted as the first black race director in NASCAR history for the Xfinity Service King 300 event. The race took place at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California.

Hamilton was raised in New York and found a passion for racing through working on cars in his grandfather’s garage. He landed his first full-time job with NASCAR four years ago overseeing various competition duties as well as a pit crew minority program.

Hamilton likens a race director to a quarterback. Wearing a headset in the control tower high above Auto Club Speedway, Hamilton communicates with track and race officials while overseeing everything that occurs in the race, including penalties, crashes and cleanups.

"I think this sport is open to everyone," Hamilton said. "Like myself, if you find a passion in this sport and it's something you enjoy, I think there's an opportunity for everyone to come into the sport."

The 150-lap race at the 2-mile paved tri-oval track took place Saturday, March 25. The No. 42 driver Kyle Larson placed first ahead of No. 22 Joey Logano and No. 18 Kyle Busch.