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Renegade Race Fuel & Lubricants Adds New Team Members
March 8, 2019
John Neely, Braiden Baptiste, Brittany Bannister and Cece Herrell have each been appointed positions within the race fuel and lubrication company. Neely will serve as the company's new Race Operations Director.
Renegade Race Fuel & Lubricants Adds New Team Members

Renegade Race Fuel & Lubricants has announced the addition of new team members to its Bowling Green, Kentucky, headquarters.

John Neely has been appointed as the company’s Race Operations Director, who will oversee operations such as production, packaging and shipping, and more.

Braiden Baptiste has also been hired as the company’s Customer Service and Inside Sales representative. In this position, Baptiste—who is the daughter of Renegade Founder Toby Baptiste—covers front desk duties.

Brittany Bannister joined the Renegade team in late 2018. In her position, Bannister handles customer calls, shipping tasks and customer service duties.

Finally, Cece Herrell has been appointed as the Renegade’s Marketing & Communications Coordinator. As a former news reporter with video production skills and social media expertise, Herrell is responsible for managing the company’s social media pages.

For more information, visit the Renegade Race Fuel & Lubricants website.