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The L.S. Starrett Company has introduced two new Bluetooth enabled series of electronic digital bore gages with a range of accuracy and convenience features for increasing measurement throughput when inspecting internal hole dimensions. The 781BXT AccuBore Electronic Bore Gages are a trigger-operated gaging system, and the 770BXT Electronic Bore Gages, operated via thimble rotation, feature IP67 protection against dirt and coolant, making them ideal in harsh machining environments. Bluetooth wireless technology in both bore gage series enables fast, robust measurement data acquisition capabilities without the encumbrances and limitations of cables. Wireless technology also provides an ideal platform for manufacturers bracing to meet the comprehensive big data requirements of Industry 4.0. Both the 781BXT and 770BXT Bore Gage Series feature enhanced wear life due to carbide-faced measuring contacts that are available on sizes above ½" (12.5mm), resolution of .00005" (0.001mm), and accuracy of up to .00015" (0.004mm). Gages also feature push button inch/ metric conversion. Wireless output capability for SPC analysis is available via USB to a PC or RS232 connection.

Wilwood's new hydraulic handbrake lever assemblies provide a lightweight, high-leverage component for drift cars, drag race cars, rally cars, or any application where hand-actuation of one or more brake calipers is employed. Hand brakes can be configured as stand-alone circuits with dedicated fluid reservoirs and auxiliary calipers, or set up as a pass-through system to operate brake calipers that are also actuated by the foot brake master cylinder. The lever features a full length, ergonomic hand-grip in an all-aluminum design that saves weight over steel lever models. They accept any vertical flange master cylinder with 2.25" bolt spacing.

Energy Suspension has released complete body mount sets for 2008-2016 F-Series Super Duty and are available in Standard, Super and Crew Cab configurations. Energy Suspension’s Hyper-Flex polyurethane body mounts are made to outlast and outperform the factory rubber, ensuring proper body to chassis alignment, straight body with proper ride height and reduced body sway.


Dart Machinery continues the evolution of the LS Next platform by releasing the all new SHP LS Next PRO block. Designed for high-performance applications, the SHP LS NEXT PRO block is the ideal starting point for drag racers, circle track competitors, off-roaders, and high-performance marine enthusiasts. This new superior strength 220 BHN cast iron block features a full skirt design with a priority main oiling system, steel four-bolt main caps with upgraded ARP main studs and provisions for stock and aftermarket oil filter mounting. The Dart SHP LS Next PRO is an ideal high-performance upgrade for a factory LS block.

Dart SHP LS Next PRO Features:
• Superior strength 220 BHN Cast Iron
• Steel 4-bolt main caps with upgraded ARP main studs
• Lifter oil crossover with restrictor provision
• 6-bolt per cylinder capability
• 4.000” up to 4.185” bore
• Factory oil filter provision
• 8-counterweight machining
• Full skirt design
• Priority main oiling
• Siamese cylinder bores
• Thick decks ensure reliable head gasket seal
• Parts kit included (PN: 32000018)