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Design Engineering Inc’s EXO Series Sleeving has all the features of DEI’s popular Fire Sleeve with one benefit that makes it ideal for off-road racing, dirt track or extreme sports. Like the Fire Sleeve, the DEI EXO Sleeve is constructed of high-temperature-resistant glass material woven into a 100 percent silicone sleeve. The exception is that the EXO Sleeve has a 304 stainless steel exoskeleton exterior mesh that provides an added layer of protection to wires, lines and hoses exposed to harsh or abrasive conditions. The EXO Sleeve withstands up to 500°F of direct continuous heat or 2000°F intermittent heat and works as a thermal insulator for wiring, hoses and oil, brake and transmission lines. This sleeve, encapsulated with a stainless steel mesh, allows for air flow around the silicone sleeve when in direct contact with a hot surface making it excellent to use around hot exhaust systems and headers. Sold with two feet of DEI Quick Fix Tape to seal the ends, it is available in two diameters: 3/8” I.D x 3ft (part #010872), or 1” I.D. x 3ft (part #010873).

DIYAutoTune, US manufacturer of full-featured, standalone and plug-n-play engine management systems, has introduced AMP EFI, a high-performance engine and powertrain control systems brand focused on high I/O, high horsepower drag and road racing solutions. The original MS3Pro Standalone System was released in 2012. MS3Pro ULTIMATE is packed with all the capabilities of the original MS3Pro and specific drag racing features like staged/progressive nitrous control, boost control, bump box, traction control, fast internal data acquisition, engine safeties, RacePak & 3rd party dash support, alcohol/E85 compatibility, water-methanol injection, 2 step/3 step/rolling rev limiters, plus:
• 10 channel programmable peak & hold injector outputs
• 4 VR conditioned inputs
• Onboard 4 bar MAP and Baro
• KAM (Keep Alive Memory)
• Enough I/O to run and datalog virtually anything

The Speedmaster El-Rayo ignition system is designed for the serious performance enthusiast requiring the small cap size due to space considerations when installed. They are precision CNC machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum to exacting tolerances. The ‘spark plug’ type terminals offer secure wire attachment. Under the brass terminals of the cap and rotor is an extremely accurate magnetic pickup that never requires adjustment along with an easy-to-adjust mechanical advance mechanism. The heavy duty 1/2-inch steel shaft is guided in a long sintered bushing as well as a sealed ball bearing at the top to precisely locate the reluctor. This combination yields stable timing and spark delivery at any rpm. The highly efficient Speedmaster El-Rayo high output coil features a closed core design, minimizing energy loss where it occurs during the transfer of electricity. Another benefit is that the coils run extremely cool, even at high racing rpm, thanks to design efficiency and huge laminations. 


- Efficient E-core winding design produces more voltage and current 

- 85:1 turns ratio and lower primary resistance produce high voltage output

- Windings are encased in red epoxy and secured with extruded brackets 

- Spark plug style terminal and threaded brass primary studs 

- Supplied with rubber shock mounts

DSS Racing offers in-house Ceramic heat shield (top) and Dry Film lubricant (skirt) coating as an option on its piston offerings. The Ceramic coating provides a thermal barrier, shielding the piston from heat. The dry film lubricant coating on the piston skirts reduces friction and wear. These piston coatings can be added to all DSS custom or shelf stock pistons typically within 48 hours.