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Featured Products

Dynabrade, Inc has introduced its New Dynorbital Extreme Series of Random Orbital Sanders. The Extreme Random Orbital Sander is an American-made Air Tool delivering a high-horsepower rating.  Available in 5” and 6” diameter models, the tool is available in Non-Vacuum and Central Vacuum models. A 3/16” diameter orbit is offered for general sanding applications. A 3/32” diameter orbit is also available for ultra-fine sanding. The Dynorbital Extreme Random Orbital Sander features an ergonomic design with a tactile soft grip overmold for a comfortable feel. The 12,000 RPM motor features an improved rotor design for enhanced power. The unique motor V Seal protects bearings from contaminates while maintaining lubrication and reducing bearing temperature; resulting in longer tool life. A full range throttle is featherable with no speed regulator eliminating accidental adjustment and loss in RPM. A full line of abrasives, replacement sanding pads and various accessories are available to keep the tool in peak performance. No-obligation demonstrations are available on this sander or any tool from Dynabrade.

Link Engine Management ECUs are designed for ease of tune, value, power, performance and reliability, while offering wire-in ECUs, sensors, dashes, and a large range of plug-In ECUs for Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Toyota, Subaru, BMW and more.



Serdi offers its SG330, a machine designed to mill and grind cylinder head planes and small engine blocks in aluminum or cast-iron. The swinging head covers most of four- to six-cylinder car engines. Coolant system with electric pump and settling tank available.



World Products has introduced a new stock-replacement type block for the 8.1 liter big block engine. The 8.1 was widely used in marine, truck, motor home and industrial applications, and until now direct replacement blocks have not been available from the aftermarket. World's new block is designed to simplify use in typical applications, featuring stock style oil filter and oil cooler provisions to eliminate the need for modifying these systems. A stock crank sensor position is utilized, and stock style accessory mounting provisions, motor mounts and other fitments are all designed for direct replacement installations. Full water jackets between the cylinders of the standard 2.245" bore ensure proper cooling capacity, and bore sizes of 4.495 and 4.595 are available with siamese bores. The block is compatible with stock cylinder heads and other components.