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Featured Products

Billet Specialties’ LS Valve Cover Conversion Kit allows the use of perimeter-style small block Chevrolet valve covers on an LS motor while hiding the coils underneath for a classic and clean look. Recessed wire channels drop the wires where you need them for ease of installation.

•    Precision machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum
•    Works with LS3 coils (AC Delco D514A or GM P/N 12573190)
•    Hides the coils underneath the valve cover
•    Recessed wire channels for the plug wires and the coil harness
•    Retains the factory LS gasket for a leak free seal
•    Hidden oil fill cap—one on each side for ease of access
•    Stainless hardware included
•    Made in the USA

MAHLE Motorsport now offers PowerPak+ Piston Kits designed specifically for high-output, boosted GM LSA/LS3/LS9 engines with aggressive cylinder head/camshaft combinations that are capable of achieving 1000+ horsepower. MAHLE Motorsport’s LSA/LS3/LS9 pistons are designed on 2618 alloy slipper skirt forgings with optimized material thicknesses maintained in key high-stress areas, while all critical finishing operations are machined on specialized equipment manufactured by MAHLE precisely for piston production that allows for tighter control over machining tolerances. For added durability, three separate surface treatments are applied, beginning with a phosphate dry-film lubricant to protect pin bores from galling, followed by MAHLE’s proprietary Grafal anti-friction skirt coating, and finally hard anodized top ring grooves to protect against micro-welding. As with all PowerPak Piston Kits, the pistons, pin clips and rings are included. The kit includes MAHLE’s HV385 1.0mm, 1.0mm, 2.0mm steel rings designed to reduce drag, wear, and weight while ensuring conformability to increase sealing and oil control.

DEI now offers an innovative fuel line solution for a problem common with carbureted early model vehicles—vapor lock. DEI’s new Vapor Block Fuel Line Sleeve is made to provide an easy, sensible and low-cost solution to prevent rough idling and difficult starting caused by vapor lock. Designed to greatly reduce heat in the line to keep the fuel cooler and below boiling, the DEI Vapor Block line sleeve installs easily with a split design and adhesive flap. There is no need to disconnect the fuel line to install. Simply wrap Vapor Block around line, remove the adhesive release liner and press adhesive back flap into place. Made of glass fiber and polyester laminated to an aluminum outer layer, it offers long-lasting thermal protection without paying for expensive repairs or modifications. It’s currently available in a 5/8” size with a 16-mm inside diameter.

AFR’s new LS3 Mongoose 260cc cylinder heads are made to flow 384cfm @0.700” of intake lift. Available in a four- or six-bolt configuration these heads are compatible with aftermarket blocks or the factory GM piece. Manufactured using A356 aluminum, these heads feature 3/4” deck thickness, 100 percent CNC ported intake and exhaust runners, plus fully machined combustion chambers. They are also CARB legal (EO D-250-5) for weekend warriors.