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Featured Products

The Pyrotect Pro-Ultra TriFlow features the company’s specially-engineered, exclusive TriFlow attachments (included) that allow for quick modification from a standard Full Face to a Forced Air helmet in (left/right) side, or top air. The new headliner air channel layout provides superior comfort, improved airflow, and greater heat transfer with our novel TrueFit liner and cheek pad system.


Summit Racing’s MAX-efi 500 Fuel Injection System makes converting from a carburetor to EFI virtually a no-brainer. The MAX-efi 500 features a four-injector aluminum throttle body that bolts to most four-barrel carburetor intake manifolds, and uses the factory-style throttle linkage. The throttle body has integral fuel rails and also houses the Temperature Manifold Absolute Pressure (TMAP), intake air temperature and throttle position sensors, and the idle air control motor. That makes the wiring harness more compact and easier to install. The only other sensors are coolant temperature and exhaust oxygen. If a sensor fails, replacements are available at most auto parts stores. The self-tuning ECU continually adjusts fuel delivery to provide the optimum air/fuel ratio under all climate and altitude conditions, and has a self-adjusting "limp home" mode to protect the engine if a sensor fails. Users get a data-logging feature to track system performance under operating conditions.
Other features include:
• Capable of supporting up to 500 horsepower
• Black anodized throttle body with four 45mm diameter throttle bores
• 66 lb-hr fuel injectors
• Handheld controller with color touch screen
• Red anodized Billet aluminum fuel rails
• Externally mounted ECU
• OEM-style harness is clearly marked for easy installation
• Compatible with most distributors and ignition systems
The Summit Racing MAX-efi 500 Fuel Injection System requires a return-style fuel system with a pressure regulator; an electric fuel pump that flows at least 60 PSI; and two fuel filters—a 100 micron filter between the tank and the pump, and a 10 or 40 micron filter between the pump and the throttle body.


E3 Spark Plugs, manufacturer of the new line of DiamondFIRE ignition products, introduces the E3.112 DiamondFIRE racing spark plug. Designed specifically for late model Ford Coyote and Chrysler Hemi engines, the new race plug has been under development by E3 for two years. Tailored for high-horsepower, boosted (turbo, nitrous or supercharged) applications, the plug features E3’s patented diamond-shaped ground electrode for maximum combustion and edge-to-edge spark, as well as a resistor to keep stock electronics functional. The E3.112 improves power for the 5.0L Ford Coyote and Chrysler Hemi muscle and race cars while reducing both fuel consumption and emissions. E3 racing spark plugs are designed specifically for normally aspirated and forced induction motorsports applications—drag, oval and off-road—to allow maximum heat extraction, more horsepower, better torque and longer life. The test of the E3.112 was performed at Tuners Inc. in Jacksonville, Florida, on a 2014 Ford Mustang GT automatic with a 302 CID Coyote engine sporting forged internals and a Hellion Twin Turbo system running @ 16psi.

Safecraft’s Model SC3 (3 lbs) and Model SC5 (5 lbs) for sprint cars are completely automatic and can include a manual backup for added protection. A fast-acting thermal sensor is angled to target hard-to-reach, high-risk areas. Both systems contain 3M Novec 1230 Fire Protection Fluid, which is safe for the driver, equipment and the environment. They are available in white only, and the bracket is included.