Press Forward

Famed physicist Albert Einstein once wrote, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

Here at PRI our concern is for vehicles on four wheels—and with far greater horsepower than Einstein’s theoretical pedaler. But the message nonetheless rings true: If you’re not progressing, then what’s the point?

And that was essentially our philosophy in putting together Issue #1 of PRI Magazine’s 35th year in publication. To keep pressing forward.

For starters, we’ve undergone a refresh, as ultra-talented PRI Art Director Danny Kim has fine-tuned the look and feel of this magazine for an improved reading experience in 2020 and beyond. It’s a continuation of the process that began upon his arrival in 2018, and I think you’ll agree these pages have never looked better.

Speaking of visuals, one of the hardest parts of our job as publishers is narrowing down the hundreds of great photographs we receive each month to accompany our feature articles, columns, etc. There’s a lot to choose from. And inevitably some great images wind up on the cutting room floor. Which is why in 2020 we’re introducing a new photo spread to lead off each issue. It may come from our network of skilled photojournalists, or a generous contribution from an industry source or friend. Either way, we’re excited to offer you more stunning photography alongside our award-winning articles.        

Few would argue that sponsorships are the lifeblood of our sport. And an all-new column beginning in 2020 takes a revealing look at these important alliances. Sponsor Spotlight will take you beyond the headlines to explore a different partnership each month, whether it’s a manufacturer supporting a racer, a speed shop backing an event or class, or any other of racing’s countless sponsor agreements. We’ll speak with representatives from both sides of the table to sort out how these deals came together, why it was a good fit, what “success” looks like for both parties, and more. Our first installment highlighting Design Engineering Inc. (DEI) and the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) begins on page 102.

Yet another new offering can be found on our back page, a space that for many years had hosted PRI’s Industry Happenings. Beginning in 2020, however, this real estate will be converted into a home for some of the industry’s most popular and eye-catching content from the world of social media. We’re calling this feature Social Status, and in it we’ll showcase engaging posts by motorsports businesses across the social networks—Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Stay tuned to see what’s trending!

Among other reasons to follow PRI Magazine closely in the new year: Each issue moving forward includes an article under the banner of Tech Support, where a panel of expert sources will address customers’ most frequently asked questions on a particular topic of note. This month it’s CAD/CAM, followed by Coatings in February, Chassis Construction & Welding in March, LS Engines in April, and onward.

If that’s not enough, all editions of PRI Magazine will now offer a deep dive report on one hot button issue impacting the racing industry today: this month it’s Tariffs, followed by the PRI Trade Show Rewind in February, and our exclusive Racing Business Survey in March. Additional topics over the next 11 months include Social Media (May), eSports (June), and our first-ever Racer Survey (September).

So keep your eyes on PRI Magazine in 2020, beginning with our outstanding January issue!

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