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PRI’s Washington, DC-based legal and advocacy teams work continuously to protect and support motorsports venues, sanctioning bodies, and businesses around the nation. We are tracking several initiatives this month, including a significant legislative victory in Ohio to secure consumer freedom, a successful event for the Performance Racing PAC at the 2023 PRI Show, and more. 

Performance Racing PAC Raises Nearly $20,000 to Support the Future of Racing

The Performance Racing PAC is thrilled to share the incredible success of the political action committee’s event held inside Lucas Oil Stadium during the Ekarting Classic at the 2023 PRI Show. Your enthusiasm and support truly made it a night to remember.

With more than 100 passionate attendees, the event was a gathering of racing enthusiasts, industry professionals and racers, all committed to securing our beloved industry’s future. Thanks to your generosity, we raised nearly $20,000 for the Performance Racing PAC.

“It’s always energizing to see new and returning PAC members come together to support the industry,” said Alicia Steger, SEMA and PRI Political Action Committee Manager. 

Where does this money go? PRI is prohibited from using association funds to directly support political candidates aligned with the industry’s goals. Voluntary contributions from PRI members, however, can be used to go straight to supporting lawmakers, candidates, and legislation essential to the racing community.

“We have set high goals for this election cycle, and with turnouts like this, we will surely exceed them,” said Steger. “Election years are the most impactful time to become visible and build relationships. Candidates need us just as much as we need them.”

Your commitment and support have set the stage for a promising year ahead. Stay tuned for more updates on PRI PAC initiatives and future events. Together, we are making a difference.

For more information on how you can support PRI’s government affairs efforts, please contact Alicia Steger at

Ohio Secures Consumer Freedom in Vehicle Market with Enactment of H.B. 201

In a significant victory for consumer freedom, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has signed PRI- and SEMA-supported legislation ensuring Ohioans, not the government, decide which vehicles best suit their needs. The bill, H.B. 201, prohibits any state or local government entity from restricting the use or sale of motor vehicles based on their power source, including internal combustion engines (ICE).

Following its passage through the state legislature, H.B. 201 was officially signed into law by Governor DeWine just before the new year. This bill represents a significant step forward for proponents of consumer choice, who believe individuals should have the right to select the vehicle that best fits their lifestyle and budget, regardless of its fuel type. 

“This is a monumental win for Ohioans and the freedom to choose,” said Christian Robinson, SEMA and PRI senior director of state government affairs and grassroots. “Governor DeWine’s decision to sign H.B. 201 into law sends a powerful message that Ohio values individual liberty and empowers its citizens to make informed choices about their transportation needs.” 

The bill’s enactment comes at a pivotal time in the automotive industry, with rapid advancements in alternative fuel technologies alongside ongoing concerns about affordability and infrastructure readiness. H.B. 201 safeguards the diversity of options available to Ohioans, allowing them to choose vehicles that align with their budget, driving habits, and personal preferences.

For more information, contact Kiley Chapley at

Maine Delays Vote on Proposed Clean Car Rule

Due to storm recovery efforts, Maine’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has delayed a vote on a PRI-opposed proposal requiring that 82% of new vehicles sold in the state be zero-emissions vehicles (ZEV) by 2032. As a result of the delay, the proposal cannot be implemented until 2028 at the earliest.

“This aggressive ZEV mandate is an overreach,” said Christian Robinson, SEMA and PRI senior director of state government affairs and grassroots. “Mainers deserve the freedom to choose the vehicles that best suit their needs and budgets, not be dictated to by government regulations.”

Drafted in response to a citizen petition from an environmental group, the rule aims to tighten emissions standards for new passenger cars, light-duty trucks, and medium-duty vehicles sold in Maine, aligning the state with California’s latest clean car rules, which the state has historically followed.

PRI believes that Mainers, not the government, should decide what vehicles are best for them and their families. We will continue to update PRI readers as the situation progresses. 

For more information, contact Kiley Chapley at

Take Advantage of Discounts for PRI Members 

PRI Membership allows the racing community to showcase its passion and pride for the industry. By uniting motorsports professionals, PRI is actively addressing challenges and needs, such as providing support for race tracks to prevent them from closing, advocating for the racing community against current legal threats, and providing educational programs that help businesses and racers succeed. In addition, PRI Membership provides deals just for industry members.

An active PRI Membership is required to attend the PRI Show, so if you were at the recent event, you can access your deals and discounts on the PRI Member portal. 

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