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There is something so alluring about being behind the scenes. Maybe it’s the exclusivity of it all or feeling like an insider, experiencing something only a few can partake in (kind of like being on the other side of the fence at the track with the race teams as opposed to being in the grandstands). I believe that is why the docuseries such as “Drive to Survive” and “100 Days to Indy” are so popular. These shows reveal the intricacies of successful race teams and offer a glimpse of the glamour (and intense dedication and work ethic) to the envious.
A few months ago, Chris Esslinger of the Grand Prix Association of Long Beach (GPALB) invited the PRI Editorial team to the ceremony marking 50 days out from the beginning of the Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach (AGPLB), when the first of the concrete blocks that outline the race track was installed. We learned some pretty impressive details: More than 2,400 concrete blocks and 4.25 miles of debris fencing are used to form the circuit, 14 large grandstands are installed, 50 high-end hospitality suites, and numerous other amenities that welcome almost 200,000 guests over three glorious Southern California spring days in April. When the venue was completed, the top-notch GPALB team did not disappoint, and neither did the on-track action.As a result, our PRI team was curious about what it takes to transform city streets and parking lots into a highly finessed street circuit with cars reaching almost 200 mph, plus keeping drivers, fans, crew members, and officials safe. PRI Coordinating Editor Jack Haworth spoke with the AGPLB team, along with officials representing the NASCAR Chicago Street Race and Green Savoree Racing Promotions (GSRP), who put on the Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg, among other events. Kim Green of GSRP told Jack: “Street course racing is where you can take the race to the people. It becomes more than just the race; it becomes an event if you can do it properly.”
For an inside peek of the AGPLB coming to life, Dining with Racers and the GPALB team have so graciously shared with us a time-lapse video of building the Long Beach circuit, which can be viewed at:
That brings me to what’s going on behind the scenes here at PRI. This month on June 11, housing opens for the 2024 PRI Show, so book your reservation early to stay at your favorite hotel (or second favorite as rooms fill quickly) while visiting Indianapolis. Next month, PRI Show registration opens on July 16. Although registration doesn’t open until next month, all hotel lodging can be (and should be) booked prior to registering for the Show.

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