We completely understand—it’s easy to get caught up in the activity and excitement of the annual PRI Trade Show.

After all, the most recent edition, held December 12-14 in downtown Indianapolis, may have been our best yet, as there was something for everyone at the jam-packed affair inside the Indiana Convention Center and Lucas Oil Stadium (LOS). Consider that PRI 2019 featured...

* Nearly 1,200 exhibiting companies—about 30 more than the previous year—representing all types of racing and performance

* Almost 21,000 registered buyers from across the US and dozens of overseas markets (including Senegal, Israel and Azerbaijan)

* Just under 29,000 net square feet of trailer exhibits on the field of LOS, a 21% increase over the prior year

* Over 750 parts and equipment from 300 participating exhibitors highlighted in PRI’s Featured Products Showcase

* An expanded PRI Education program including top-level seminars on everything from digital marketing and pricing strategies to cam selection and engine controls

* The ultimate feel-good, as Sunnen’s Engine Charity Sweepstakes raised a record $120,000 for the kids at Victory Junction

So yes, it was a lot to take in. But here’s the catch: PRI 2019 isn’t really about last year. It’s a launching pad for 2020 and beyond. Because what you take away from the experience, and how you apply it to your business or racing program in the coming months, will determine just how valuable those three glorious days in December truly were.

The products that caught your eye at the Show—maybe it was AEM Performance Electronics’ CD-5/7 Carbon Digital Dashes, or Delta PAG’s Brushless Water Pump, or ProCharger’s D-1X Supercharger System, or StopTech’s new Competition Brake Kits, or any of the countless other innovations on display—could very well be this season’s bestseller. Or the difference between a podium finish and a DNF.

And what you learned about getting your business unstuck and realizing your true growth potential; or how to be your authentic self on social media; or where to find—and how to retain—qualified employees; or any of the countless other lessons from PRI’s two-dozen educational seminars, could very well position your company for success in the near- and long-term.

We encourage you to keep that in mind as you review our retrospective on the most recent PRI Show, which begins on page 20 of this month's issue of PRI Magazine. Enjoy the look back, but also consider how you can advance the ball, so to speak: What were the big takeaways? How can you follow up on what you discovered, or whom you met, or what was confirmed in Indianapolis?

In short, what steps can you take in the coming days and weeks to ensure PRI 2019 sets the tone for a prosperous 2020? Don’t leave those opportunities in the rearview!

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