XS Power Batteries Announces Las Vegas Distribution Point

XS Power Batteries logo

XS Power Batteries, based in Knoxville, Tennessee, has announced the start of operations at its new Las Vegas distribution and manufacturing facility.

Located near McCarren International Airport, the first stage of expansion will include an 8,500-square-foot space that will allow quicker access to all XS Power products for customers in the Western US. Shorter shipping times will also result in less overall package handling and fewer damages.

In addition to a fully staffed shipping hub, the new XS Power facility will be used for the production of SuperBank Ultra Capacitors, Li series lithium batteries, Titan8 lithium batteries, and XV series lithium

“Not only are we able to better serve our West Coast customers by providing shorter shipping times, but we are providing more jobs, [plus] more US-made products every single day,” XS Power Sales and Marketing Manager Brady Basner said.

XS Power is the manufacturer and distributor of high-performance batteries, chargers, capacitors, cables, and accessories. It offers AGM lead-acid, lithium, and custom-made power solutions, as well as a complementary line of accessories to the automotive, powersports, marine, and commercial markets

For more information, visit xspowerbatteries.com.

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