CTech Manufacturing Debuts STEM Air Drag Challenge

Air Drag Challenge by CTech Manufacturing

CTech Manufacturing and STEM curriculum provider STEM101 have teamed up to develop the next-generation C02 Car Challenge utilizing small 3D printed race cars propelled by basic compressed air.

Called the Air Drag Challenge, the new project challenges middle and high school students to design, 3D print, and assemble small race cars. Students then line up their cars on a string-guided raceway and are launched down the track via a special compressed air-powered “Launch Box.”

CTech manufactures the Launch Box, and everything educators need to implement this project—from hardware to curriculum and support—is distributed by STEM101.

The Air Drag Challenge combines the excitement of C02 vehicle challenges and modern manufacturing elements with STEM-oriented skills to better prepare students to pursue STEM-related fields.

Educators interested in the Air Drag Challenge should visit here. For more information, visit ctechmanufacturing.com

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