LIQUI MOLY Announces Dual Leadership

Liqui Moly, Dr. Uli Weller (left) and Günter Hiermaier (right)
Dr. Uli Weller (left) and Günter Hiermaier (right)

LIQUI MOLY—the lubricant specialist based in Ulm, Germany and with an office in Irvine, California—has announced a new dual leadership, with Dr. Uli Weller being appointed as managing director in addition to Günter Hiermaier. 

Beginning in 2023, Dr. Weller will become the second managing director of the group of companies, which includes the Meguin GmbH & Co. KG Mineraloelwerke in Saarlouis as well numerous LIQUI MOLY subsidiaries. He will also continue functioning as the commercial director.

“My responsibility is to lead our company into a secure future. For me, a second managing director means perfect strategic support,” Hiermaier said, who has served as the managing director since March this year. “I consider a strong dual leadership at the helm of the Company as a guarantee for continuity, stability as well as security for the company and everyone that works with us.”

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