International Participation in PRI Trade Show Continues To Grow

The PRI Trade Show has evolved into a key business event globally for the worldwide racing marketplace. “This is the fourth time in the last five years we’ve been here,” said Ben Bartlett, of the Australian AAAA.  “We have 21 Australian companies exhibiting here and it has surpassed our expectations.  We do shows all around the world, but no other motorsports shows here in the U.S. – just PRI.”

"We’re an international company – and this is how we set up our distributorships with our partners in Australia by developing relationships with people here. Our overseas customers that we’re seeing here are a lot of engine builders and a lot of formula guys.  The face-time here at the PRI Show is second to none," said Ryan White, CV Products.

Ashley Garrett, of U.S. Legends Cars International, added, “The Show has been great for us.  We love this show because it has a good international flair to it. Our growth overseas has been phenomenal for us and we can attribute most of that to the PRI Show. The international buyers don’t buy four cars, they might buy 40 cars.  In fact, we have a buyer here from Australia looking to buy 10 Bandoleros today.”

"We see a fair amount of our international customers here every year and that gives us the opportunity to have a face-to-face with them.  It’s very important," said Mark Kostrzewa, Motor State Distributing.

Another PRI exhibitor may be bringing more to the U.S. in 2013 than racing products as the Brazilian Formula Truck Series was exhibiting one of the series’ truck tractors on-site in preparation for its debut.

The Motorsport Industry Association (MIA), the British racing trade group, exhibited in the PRI Trade Show, and also organized a reception Thursday night for international visitors to the PRI Trade Show.

A record number of countries--72--were represented in the attendance at this year's PRI Trade Show, announced Francisque Savinien, director of global sales and marketing for PRI.

Juliana Schmode, South American business development manager for PRI, said, "Once again Latin America was very well represented with a strong contingent of buyers coming from Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela and much more not to mention a very nice exhibit of Argentinean companies."

Arianna Maugeri, European & Middle Eastern business development manager for PRI, said, "PRI is definitely the place to be for the global motorsport industry, as we registered buyers all the way from the Middle East to Japan, Canada to New Zealand, South Africa to Europe. Plus, buyers from emerging markets such as Russia and Eastern Europe came to Orlando to shop and buy the latest advances in racing technology."

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