November 2020

Race Team confidential: Antron Brown, Brownsburg, IN

There’s little downtime for a championship-winning driver who splits the offseason between Top Fuel and his sons’ Jr. Dragster teams.

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Ask The Experts: Heat Suppression

Discover the best ways to prevent high-temperature transfer from sensitive—and expensive—race components.

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Tech Update: YOUR Oil’s Best Friend—The Piston Ring

Why this seal between the motor oil and combustion gases is so vital to your engine’s performance.

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Nobody likes change, but everyone wants improvement. You may have heard a version of this before (I definitely borrowed it from somewhere). So it’s…

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The Next Game

Let’s be clear: 2020 wasn’t supposed to go down like this. 

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For years it’s been said that members of Congress are less popular than traffic jams. Know what else ranks higher than your public servants in DC,…

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Perfecting your vehicle’s exhaust system can increase your car’s horsepower and speed.

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Hot Shot's Secret-Sponsored Firepunk Diesel S10 Sets New World Record

The Hot Shot's Secret-sponsored Firepunk Diesel S10 broke the world record during the qualifying round of the Radial Vs. World class at No Mercy 11…

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Trailer Tested, Racer Approved & American Made

Pit Pal Products is the leader in outfitting trailers, shops, and garages with high-quality aluminum products to fulfill your organization needs. Why…

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Consumer Financing: Optimize Your Program With Training

​​​​​​​Evidence suggests that automotive merchants could help increase sales because by optimizing their consumer financing program. For example,…

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Isky Racing Cams on Valvetrain Maximization—Efficiency vs. Effectiveness

Isky explains the importance of valvetrain efficiency and how to maximize valvetrain stability without sacrificing power.

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Boost Your Machining Speed in the Shop

The critical need for speed and precision on the track is reflected in the shops who make the parts powering those runs. And like on the track, it’s…

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