World-class business and management education is a hallmark of PRI. The PRI Education program runs the gamut from Social Media Strategy to Pricing Policies, Sponsorship Activation, Building Brand Awareness, and much more.

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PRI Education Seminars

Health of the Racing Industry

Speaker: Dr. Jamie Meyer


Dr. Jamie Meyer will be sharing a recap of PRI and the racing industry challenges and achievements that were part of year 2020. Time will also be spent answering questions from the health and safety professionals that serve the racing community.

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The Road to Recovery: A Digital Marketing Game Plan for a Triumphant 2021

Speaker: Corey Perlman


The way we navigate the next 60-days will directly determine the speed at which we are able to come back from a challenging 2020. This 30-minute virtual workshop will deliver a list of specific action steps to supercharge your website, online directories and social media sites for a successful start to 2021!

Key Audience Takeaways:

  • Ways to build a larger audience of quality connections
  • Fix online issues that may be damaging your credibility
  • Create a content plan to navigate today’s uncertainty and plan for getting back to business
  • Practice and perfect the most important social media feature for today…and tomorrow (hint: Video!)
  • Avoid missteps that will frustrate your audience and lead them toward the exit button

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    Search Engines' Impact on Your Performance Racing Products

    Speaker: Jason Dodge


    Search engines are a constant moving target. Google updates can happen overnight and leave your brand sitting on the starting line. In today’s world of “on-demand” services and online retailers, the challenges of keeping up with Google, and your competitors, can often feel endless. This session will share actionable insights to help you and your brand determine how consumers are searching for your products, and what you can do to be in tune with their requests.

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    Refine & Re-imagine Your Brand

    Speaker: Mike Brown


    Even the strongest brands saw challenging times in 2020. Learn quick and easy strategies to refine and re-imagine your brand so you can adapt and pivot throughout 2021. Learn actionable steps to:

  • Imagine new ways to deliver your brand benefits
  • Use the EAR model to pivot your brand
  • Explore new ways to deliver core benefits
  • Use big questions to generate amazing ideas
  • Find future-oriented ideas in other business models

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    New Directions For Your Business in 2021

    Speaker: Tom Shay


    What am I doing differently, or what do I need to do differently for my consumers in ’21? Moving a business to where the customer is today.

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    The Secrets Your Web Visitors Are Keeping from You

    Speaker: Brian Lewis


    Over 60% of web visitors leave a site without visiting a second page. Upwards of 98% choose not to purchase on any given visit. Don’t count on your visitors to tell you what’s wrong with your site … they won’t. But there are ways you can outperform those averages, delight your visitors, and increase your online sales.

    In this session, we’ll cover the 6 pillars of converting web visitors to customers – do these right, and you’ll reap the benefits in higher conversion rates, and return on your marketing spend. You’ll see examples of sites that embrace these pillars and sites that fail. You’ll leave with an actionable list of changes you can make to supercharge your site into a more effective revenue generating marketing tool.

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    Five Tips To Creating An Effective Pricing Policy

    Speaker: Rich Barsamian


    In the racing & performance market, you have spent an incredible amount of time and resources to bring your product to market. Don't stand idly by and watch your product get devalued in the eyes of consumers! Learn why a pricing policy is so important to your business today. Protecting your brand and public image will ensure that your legacy and company will be respected by racers for generations to come!

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    Renewing and Retaining Sponsors with Proof of Performance Reports

    Speaker: Alex Striler


    Finding new companies and getting them to sponsor racing is easier than you think.

    It’s not hard to get a sponsor onboard the first year if you have the right tools and use them correctly.

    Compelling DECKS help you find new companies, and effective PROPOSALS sell them sponsorships. But, don’t confuse the two—they are VERY different!

    Decks open doors. Proposals close deals. If you send the wrong one, you’re not going to get a call back or reply. Unfortunately, it happens 99% of the time.

    Year 1 is important, so you need to create a good deck and make your proposal irresistible to get a sponsor involved.

    But, years 2 through 10 (or 20) are WAY MORE VALUABLE in the long-run.

    RENEWING and RETAINING sponsors is where the money is, and you do that through PROOF OF PERFORMANCE REPORTS.

    This 25-minute seminar will explain the difference between decks and proposals, when to use each, and will teach you how to create perfect PROOF of PERFORMANCE reports that keep your sponsors renewing year after year.

    This seminar is MUST ATTEND for any team, track, promoter, or sanctioning body that has a hard time raising money from sponsors.

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    Virtual Advantage – Lead the Pack With These Top Tips

    Speaker: Matt Episcopo


    Easy to do, actionable tips that can be implemented right away to enhance and make your virtual communication more impactful. Learn the secrets that make your virtual conversations a win/win.

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