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Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about community. Not as it relates to my Southern California neighbors, but rather what it means to be part of a community, and why it’s so important, especially now.

Belonging to a group of like-minded individuals—whether personally or professionally—is beneficial on so many levels. It provides us with knowledge, and inspiration, and support, and resources. It exposes us to new ideas, new viewpoints, and allows us to evolve and adapt to new situations.

It also keeps us grounded, and safe, and often prevents us from feeling anxious, isolated, or alone. In short, it helps us stay sane, relatively speaking.

Community is vital. And in challenging times like these it is one of the most important tools we have in our shed.

Here at PRI we’re honored to serve the greatest community I’ve ever known. Motorsports professionals—you manufacturers, distributors, engine builders, fabricators, jobbers, racers and more—are passionate and creative, tireless and driven. You’re competitive as hell, but at the same time generous and bighearted.

In recent weeks we’ve all been instructed to practice “social distancing” in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19. For a tight-knit industry that thrives on human connection, that’s a tough ask. Partnerships in our world are still forged with a handshake; many of today’s speed shop customers are walk-ins; Saturday night races bring competitors and fans into close confines. The list goes on.

But despite stay-at-home orders that separate us physically, we can still stay connected. And that’s one of our top priorities as we navigate these choppy waters—to keep you all informed of the latest developments as they unfold, both at PRI and industrywide.

We take our mission—to build, promote, and protect the racing community—very much to heart. And we stand here at the ready, prepared to be of service in any way we can.

First, we have launched a dedicated website at that provides news and information related to the current pandemic, as well as messages from PRI leadership, and business resources and assistance offered by PRI, and through local, state, and federal offices.

We encourage you to visit this site regularly, as it will be updated often and in real-time.

In addition, we will continue to reach out on important dates and benchmarks ahead of the annual PRI Trade Show, which takes place December 10–12 in Indianapolis. As we’ve noted many times over, this is your Show. You are the engine that powers it and the fuel that makes it run. Come December, buyers will once again fill the Indiana Convention Center to conduct business and prep for success in 2021. And we look forward to seeing you there.

Show information will be conveyed, as always, through emails and announcements in our weekly eNewsletter, as well as in the pages of PRI Magazine, on our website (, and throughout our social platforms on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

In fact, social media may very well be our common denominator at this point in time. It allows us to deliver information, to start conversations, and to share inspiring stories of how motorsports businesses are charting a path forward through determination, ingenuity, and innovation. So please check in with us, let us know how you’re doing, ask us questions—we’re here to help in any way we can. And that includes keeping you connected to this dynamic racing community.

Stay healthy and safe.

Stay Connected

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