Conference Attendee Alert

It has come to our attention that members, conference attendees and exhibitors have been contacted by various individuals purporting to have the attendee contact information for the PRI Trade Show and offering that information for sale. Some of these individuals are signing these e-mails with official sounding titles such as “Event Coordinator – PRI Trade Show” or even using the PRI logo on the e-mails to make it seem as if these e-mails are coming from PRI. Please note that PRI and SEMA would never, itself or through its contractors, contact attendees and offer to sell attendee contact data. These operators are not affiliated with PRI or SEMA, nor are they authorized to collect or possess attendee information and solicit conference attendees and the public in an attempt to sell this information. It is not known if these operators possess such information as PRI and SEMA do not rent, sell, lease or otherwise disseminate attendee contact information to third parties.

To avoid becoming the victim of fraudulent activity, you are advised to exercise caution and ignore any such solicitations. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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